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Student Fundraiser Request Form

Student organizations are eligible to generate organizational funds through fundraising initiatives. All fundraisers need to be aligned with the LWHS mission statement.

What is considered fundraising?

  • Selling of goods
  • Charging admission to student events
  • Collection of donations
  • Any means your organization uses to collect funds

If an organization plans on doing any of these activities or others not mentioned for the purposes of generating funds, the group must follow the fundraising policy.


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  1. In order for registered student organizations to receive fundraising approval from The Center, organizations must fill out the Fundraiser Request Form. 
  2. The Fundraiser Request Form needs to be submitted at least three working days prior to the actual eventIf you are requesting change for your fundraiser, you must submit this form at least a week in advance.
  3. Before the organization decides to fundraise, please make note of the following limitations to on-campus fundraising: 
    • Food sales activities must receive additional approval from Director of Food Services Kathleen Fazio
    • Permissions shall not be granted for products and services that conflict with the mission of LWHS (for example, no sodas can be sold during the school day).
    • Fundraising activites can ocur for no more than three consecutive days.
  4. Should an organization decide to fundraise without going through the approval process, that organization may lose this privilege on campus. 
  5. All money collected must be returned to The Center within 24 hours.