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List of 42 items.

  • Adolph Morbio Fund

    Established by a bequest from Adolph Morbio, this endowed fund has no restrictions for its use.
  • Aida Burns Patterson Scholarship Fund

    Established in memory of Aida Patterson, Class of 1899, the LWHS Registrar for 41 years, and mother of two LWHS graduates, this fund provides support for student scholarships.
  • Alfred P. and Rosetta P. Fisher Scholarship Fund

    Established by Alfred Fisher, this endowed fund is to be used “to establish scholarships for worthy children desirous of furthering their education.”
  • Anne Murray Ladd Memorial Fund

    This fund was established in memory of Anne Murray Ladd, Class of 1994. Anne was Scholar Athlete of the Year for 1994.
  • Bruno Heymann Fund

    This fund was established in memory of Bruno Heymann and is used to purchase supplies and equipment for the mechanical arts. Mr. Heymann taught Mechanical Drawing at LWHS from 1907 to 1945. He inspired many students to pursue careers in architecture.
  • Carrie Dinsmore Howland Scholarship Fund

    Established in memory of Carrie Howland, Class of 1899, this fund was created for student college scholarships. Carrie Howland was the LWLAA secretary for 50 years and was the House Mother at the Ginn House from 1915 to 1924.
  • Chester F. Hacke and Richard V. Hacke Fund

    Established by Chester F. Hacke, Class of 1912, and Richard V. Hacke, Class of 1939, this endowed fund is “to be used for purchasing shop tools or otherwise used for mechanical arts instruction expenses of the school.”
  • Class of 1928 Fund

    Established by alumni of the Class of 1928, this fund is used for the purpose of purchasing books and materials for the LWHS McCullough Library.
  • Class of 1960 Scholars Fund

    Established in 2000 by members of the Class of 1960 in honor of the 40th anniversary of their graduation, this fund supports the flexible tuition program.
  • Douglas Melville Connelly Fund

    Established in 1997 by Dorothy Lynn Connelly, Class of 1931J, in memory of her brother, income from this fund is used exclusively for scholarships for deserving and academically qualified students.
  • Dr. Edward C. Sargent III 1969 Memorial Fund

    Established in 2000 in memory of Ed Sargent, Class of 1969, by his family and friends, this fund supports faculty professional development in recognition of the affection and appreciation felt by Ed Sargent for his teachers at LWHS.
  • E. M. Welty Trust

    Established by Isabelle Keith in 1990, this fund was created in gratitude for the education of her son David Ian Forbes Keith, Class of 1962, and is used for student scholarships.
  • Frank and Mary Schlessinger Library Fund

    This fund, established in 1985 by Frank Schlessinger, Class of 1928, was created exclusively to benefit the school’s library. Mr. Schlessinger established the fund to ensure LWHS’ ability to provide books and materials to students.
  • Frank Schlessinger Athletic Fund

    Established in 1981 by Frank Schlessinger, Class of 1928, this fund was created exclusively to benefit the LWHS athletics program.
  • Fred W. Ludecke Fund

    Established by Fred W. Ludecke, a retired faculty member who taught physics and mathematics at LWHS from 1966 to 1972, this fund supports the teaching of mathematics, physics, and computers. The 1972 yearbook dedication reads, “He has gained the admiration and respect of everyone whom he has guided into the world of mathematics.”
  • Frederick B. Ginn Trust

    Established in 1910 by Frederick Ginn, this endowed fund was originally intended to assist boys from the Protestant Orphanage of San Francisco to attend the Lick and Wilmerding schools. The fund now provides scholarships to current students.
  • Fund for Success

    Established in 2011, the Fund for Success is an operating fund. Donations are used to fund the META program and other initiatives to support LWHS students.
  • George F. Mitchel Endowed Scholarship Fund

    Established in 1989 by Fern Jacobson Mitchel in memory of her husband George F. Mitchel, Class of 1919, this endowed fund “shall be used exclusively for scholarships to deserving students who most demonstrate exceptional promise.”
  • Gustav August Holtz Fund

    Established in 1967 by Gustav August Holtz, Class of 1910, this fund seeks “to educate worthy students in the fields of engineering and related sciences.”
  • Henry E. Mikkelsen 1907 and Thomas Mikkelsen 1941 Fund

    Established in 2003 by Tom Mikkelsen in honor and memory of his father, this endowed fund provides financial support for the shops and technical arts program.
  • Herbert and Margaret Zechman Fund

    Established in 1993 by a bequest from Herbert Zechman, Class of 1939, in appreciation of the school’s technical arts program, this endowed fund supports the shops and technical arts faculty.
  • Ira W. Coburn Fund

    Established by Ira W. Coburn, Class of 1921, this fund is used to endow one or more faculty positions in mathematics or science. Math Teacher Steve Simon is the current recipient of this honor.
  • Jeannette Gaehwiler 1991 Scholarship Fund

    The Jeannette Gaehwiler 1991 Scholarship Fund was established by her family to help deserving students whose families have demonstrated financial need to attend LWHS. It is hoped that these students will also be inspired by the qualities that made Jeannette so special, especially her bright smile, her optimism, her work ethic, her determination, her deep sensitivity to others and the high standards that she set for herself.
  • John F. Signer Fund

    Established in 1974, this fund is awarded annually to a graduating LWHS senior to be used for four years of college study. The recipient of the award must demonstrate an intention to pursue a degree in electricity, electronics, or electrical engineering. Read more
  • Joseph A. Bennett and Marie L. Bennett

    Established by Marie and Joseph Bennett, Class of 1915, this endowed fund is unrestricted in its use.
  • Mary Schlessinger Theatre Fund

    Established in 1989 by Frank Schlessinger, Class of 1928, in honor of Mary Schlessinger, this fund supports the theatre program at LWHS.
  • Momo Nakamura 2006 Fund

    To honor Momo Nakamura’s love of vocal music, this memorial fund is being used for the commission of a choral work, scored for women’s chorus, strings and flute, in her memory.
  • Noah Wolfson Scholarship Fund

    This fund was established in 1988 by the friends and family of Noah Wolfson. Noah was a junior at LWHS when he died of leukemia in May 1988. Knowing that his life would be short, Noah worked hard in his last years to create sculpture, literature, and photography to ensure that he would not be forgotten.
  • Nora and Lawrence Schoenstein 1935 Fund

    This fund was established in 2000 by Lawrence Schoenstein, Class of 1935, to provide tuition support to students in the mechanical and technical arts. Mr. Schoenstein was a member of the famous San Francisco organ-building family, who established their firm in the City in 1877.
  • Our Fathers Scholarship Fund

    Established in 1993 by an anonymous donor (Class of 1928), this endowed fund was created for scholarships for current students.
  • Patterson Ethics Initiative

    The Patterson Ethics Initiative is made possible through the generosity of C. E. “Pat” Patterson (Class of 1959) and Berniece Patterson, parents of Glen Fuller (Class of 1991). The donations have been made to fund the teaching of ethics at LWHS. 
  • Ralph “Squire” Britton Scholarship Fund

    Established in memory of Ralph Britton, a physics teacher at LWHS from 1924 to 1963, this endowed fund provides support for student scholarships. Mr. Britton motivated many graduates to pursue careers in physics. He also served as the director of the school during the 1943–44 school year.
  • Raymond R. Marchese Memorial Fund

    Established in 1991 in memory of Physics Teacher Ray Marchese, this endowed fund is used for one or more scholarships for current students of LWHS.
  • Stoddard Fund for Musical Endeavors

    Established in 2010 by an anonymous donor to honor Music Teacher Marty Stoddard, this is an operating fund. Funds are to be spent at the discretion of Ms. Stoddard for the schools music program, with approval from the chair of the performing arts department and the head of school.
  • Student Participation Fund

    Designed in 1998 by Student Council Treasurer Nate Levine-Heaney, Class of 1999, this fund benefits current students at LWHS who receive flexible tuition. The fund helps to subsidize the cost of extracurricular school events and programs for these students.
  • Sydney A. Tibbetts Fund

    This fund was established in memory of Sydney A. Tibbetts, a chemistry teacher at LWHS from 1904 to 1960. In his 56 years at LWHS, Tibbetts encouraged many students to pursue careers in chemistry. He was also a great track enthusiast and ran to LWHS every day from the train station.
  • T. W. Daniel Endowment

    Established in 1984 by T. W. Daniel, PhD (Class of 1927), this life income endowed fund is designed to provide scholarships for students.
  • Theresa M. Otto Fund

    Established in memory of Theresa M. Otto, the first director of the Lux School from 1912 through 1930, this endowed fund is used for scholarship assistance.
  • W. Gordon Yates 1939 Fund

    Established in 2006 by a bequest from W. Gordon Yates, Class of 1939, this fund supports the flexible tuition program at LWHS.
  • W. Kent Dyson and Alice Trefz Dyson Scholarship Fund

    Established in 1987 by W. K. Dyson (Class of 1921) and Alice Trefz Dyson, this endowed fund has no restrictions for its use.
  • William C. Williams and Violet C. Williams Fund

    Established in 1991 by Bill Williams, Class of 1938, the endowed fund is “to improve the quality of instruction at LWHS in the disciplines of physics, electronics and/or electricity.”
  • Wood Family Scholarship Fund

    Established by Caroline Wood, parent of David Kaufman (Class of 1999), this fund supports the flexible tuition program at LWHS.


If you’re interested in finding out more about these funds or making a special gift to the school, please email Director of Development Brian Driscoll or call 415.704.5590.

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