Science empowers students to share in the joy of comprehending the natural world. Science is a way of thinking, a process—much more than a collection of facts. Students discover content through inquiry, curiosity, and exploration. Students will ask questions, design experiments, and analyze data. They will also learn to look at concepts from multiple perspectives and to relate science to everyday experiences. Classes offer a mix of discussions, group work, lab experiments, lectures, and projects. Examples, analogies, and lab experiments help students discover and apply concepts. The learning environment is collaborative, enriched by varied learning styles and life experiences. Students also consider the political, ethical, and social dimensions of the subject matter. Students take Biology in the 9th grade and Chemistry in the 10th grade. In their 11th and 12th grades, students can choose among the elective offerings. We encourage students to make a four-year plan and discuss their choices and goals with teachers and advisors.

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