The Performing Arts Department consists of four program areas: Dance, Instrumental Music, Theatre, and Vocal Music. These programs embody the School’s goal of education for the head, heart, and hands. Students in the Performing Arts learn to appreciate multiple perspectives, and understand the role of art in the world as a powerful means of communication, expression, and reflection. These skills and habits of mind serve them across the school-wide curriculum and beyond.
The faculty encourages students to explore their creative potential, provides a supportive environment to take artistic risks, and teaches the importance of persistence in each artistic endeavor. The Performing Arts Department values a positive spirit of collaboration as a means of fostering respect for each other and as a way to develop each student’s individual voice.
We offer introductory through advanced academic credit classes within each program. Public performance is an essential part of the Performing Arts curriculum. Additionally, the department offers students the opportunity to participate in a variety of extracurricular theatre productions.
The department values diverse demonstrations of student learning. Expectations are rigorous, and assessment is based on students’ progress toward mastery, collaboration, and participation.

Performing Arts Faculty

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