The Lick-Wilmerding High School Mathematics Department strives to empower students to interact with mathematics so they can experience the power and beauty of the subject. We teach students to approach math as a way of thinking, with the focus on inquiry, sense-making, reasoning and application. In each class, students have the opportunity to collaborate, persist, and seek multiple approaches in order to become more flexible and strategic problem solvers. Students develop a learning mindset by reflecting on mistakes and viewing them as opportunities for growth. With this mindset, students know that they can learn any mathematics they may need to achieve their goals in life.

Incoming Frosh Required Online Math Course

In order to introduce incoming ninth grade students to mathematical thinking at LWHS, the Mathematics Department is requiring all incoming 9th graders to complete a free, self-paced online course over the summer. Please contact Mathematics Department Chair Annie Mehalchick if you have questions.

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