The four-year English curriculum provides students with the skills and habits of mind to read, write, and speak confidently and competently about a broad range of texts. Each year, students hone their analytical skills by drawing on class discussions and independent close readings to craft thoughtful, subtle responses to literature from around the world.  A focus on the writing process and revision skills is integral to every course. Classes are discussion and activity-oriented, requiring students to become respectful of multiple perspectives, compassionate for others, and confident in expressing their ideas. All English courses are UC eligible, and all English 3 and 4 classes are designated as Honors courses.

9th Grade Mission Statement

Our mission as 9th grade English teachers is to bring students in from 60 different middle schools and explicitly give them a common set of classroom reading and writing skills that they will build on in future English classes at LWHS. We want to help students learn about who they are in an English class and who they are in relationship to the texts they read. We are committed to a mindful representation of authors and texts so that no text and no student is marginalized by fact of a particular identifier. We understand writing as an intellectual exercise and a documentation of learning, but it is the learning that’s important. English class is not about possessing knowledge as much as it is about collaboration, empathy, and figuring things out.
—Catherine Fung, Linnea Ogden, Jennifer Selvin and Monica West 2017

12th grade mission statement

As 12th grade English teachers, our mission is to build on the reading, writing, reflective, analytical, and interpersonal skills that students have been developing through their previous three years at LWHS. As students enter their adult lives, they are prepared to engage in civic dialogue and action. Through the study of diverse texts, we hope to come to an understanding of the societal and institutional conditions underlying justice and injustice, the positions from which we enter dialogues, and strategies for dialogue that allow us to serve more than ourselves.
—Jennifer Selvin, Suzanne Shimek, Catherine Fung, and Robin Von Breton, 2017

English Faculty

List of 3 members.

  • Linnea Ogden 

    Department Chair, 9th grade English, Creative Writing (Memoir and Flash Fiction)
  • Michecia Jones 

    10th, 11th grade English Teacher
  • Suzanne Shimek 

    11th, 12th grade English Teacher

List of 3 members.

List of 3 members.

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