A Few Words for Sophomores

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  • Sophomores may get tired of hearing people tell them that “grades count now,”...

    ... but that’s the case, so best not to ignore reality. Colleges are usually more patient and flexible about ninth grade academic achievement, but they often begin calculating grade point averages (GPA) quite precisely with tenth grade. It would be misleading not to point this out, especially here in California, where the University of California and the California State University determine an applicant's GPA based on sophomore and junior year grades.

    Students don’t have to become obsessed with grades alone because of this; colleges are just as interested in a student's accomplishments outside of the classroom, and the character and commitment a student brings to school work.
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Early Test Prep – What Can I Do Now?

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  • Early Test Prep—What Can I Do Now?

    Our main message: Starting early can be good. Overdoing it is bad. Occasionally we get inquiries about standardized test preparation from freshmen, sophomores, first- semester juniors and their parents. In particular, some students feel that the summer before junior year is a good time to get started on test prep, knowing that the junior year is going to be so busy.

    On the one hand, we love your desire to plan ahead and be prepared! We are excited that you are ambitious. These traits will definitely pay off as you enter the college research and application process. 
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