Campus Expansion & Renovation

What's the plan?

The main classroom building will be replaced. There are historic considerations to take into account, and therefore the facade on Ocean Avenue will remain. However, the rest of the building will be completely replaced. Highlights of the building plan include:
  • A new entrance, moved up Ocean Avenue closer to Howth Street, and on grade, thereby allowing for more accessibility for people of all abilities.
  • A third floor, which will increase the total number of classroom by six
  • Many more intentionally designed spaces for students to do group work, meet with teachers, study, or visit with friends
  • A larger dance studio, to accommodate our growing dance program
  • Campus expansion allows for increased enrollment, from 490 to 550. The increase will happen over four years, with 15 students added to each grade level. Each grade will be approximately 138 students, and each class section will be approximately 17.

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Spring 2015

–Fundraising begins

-Hired Architect

Summer 2017

–Temporary classrooms/offices in the LWHS parking lot

–Demolition of current building at 755 Ocean Ave

–Gymnasium seating to accommodate student body

–Construction continues through 2017–18 school year

Summer 2018

–Furniture updated for study and group work

–Classroom building completed

–Science classrooms renovated
Classroom Building           $29,075,000
Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment $244,000
Science Labs/Building Renovation      $2,542,000
Science Labs/Tech Arts Renovation           $425,000
Science Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment $246,000
Total Hard Costs $32,532,000
Architect and Engineering Fees $3,956,000
Temporary Classrooms $447,000
Legal, Project Management, Permits,
Insurance, etc.
Total Soft Costs $6,764,000
Total Before Financing $39,296,000
Interest Expense on Bridge Loan $630,000
Total Project Costs $39,926,000

Floor Plans

The Campaign for LWHS

The Board of Trustees voted to move forward with a capital campaign, Make The Future, in January 2015. The total project budget has been finalized at $40 million, which includes all aspects of the project—architecture, construction, entitling, permitting, and fees. The Make The Future capital campaign working goal is $30 million. As of January 31, 2017, more than $13.7 million has been secured to support the building project. The Board is planning to finance the difference between the amount raised during the capital campaign and the costs to build the building.

Any questions about fundraising or the capital campaign can be directed to Nancy Kehoe in the Development Office.

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