The Lick-Wilmerding-Lux Alumni Association members come from all three schools: the California School of Mechanical Arts, the Wilmerding School of Industrial Arts, and the Lux School. In existence since 1913, the LWLAA preserves the history of the schools and fosters and enhances communications between alumni and present day students at Lick-Wilmerding High School. Alumni of all three schools are automatically members of the Alumni Association.
LWLAA Board meetings are held several times each academic year. The meetings include committee reports, plans for upcoming events, fundraising, learning about the current academic program at the school, and networking. If you are interested in learning more about the Alumni Board, getting involved in Board activities, or becoming a Board member, email or call the Alumni Office at 415.704.5591 or alumni@lwhs.org.
Alumni Archives
LWHS has a robust archives collection in the McCullough Library. If you are interested in learning more, check out the L-W-L Online Archives. You may see a piece of your history! If you do, contact us and tell us what you know. Your story can become part of the school’s living history.

2016–2017 LWLAA Board Members

Alexander Hochman ’88, President
Marjorie Zaharin Albarran ’54
Frances Kawalkowski Bertetta ’36
Catharine Clark ’85
Philip Galante ’87
Amy Gershoni ’90
Anthony Grant ’87
Jason Gullion ’87
Sita Brooks Hanlon ’96
Yennie Lee ’06
Matthew Levy ’01
Angus MacDonald ’92
David Mitchell ’91
David Morgenstein ’79
David Salazar ’94
Matthew Tolve ’98

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