Emergency Plan

Communication with Parents

  • Always try the LWHS website first.
  • AlertNow Voicemail, Text, and Email
    • The school uses AlertNow for its emergency communication, which broadcasts a message to all families listed in the directory.
    • The system relies on the contact information contained in the school website to contact all members of the LWHS community with an emergency recorded message. This is why it is essential that all members of the community keep their contact information up-to-date.
    • It will attempt to reach each person directly, and it is equipped to leave voicemails, send emails and text for those who do not answer their phones.  

Parent-Student Reunion

We will send specific instructions via AlertNow, but here are the general guidelines.
  • On campus pickup—Ocean ave front doors (or Howth if in the gym) 
  • Off campus pickup—Across the street at CCSF
  • Students must check out with their advisor. A child will not be released without the verbal approval of a parent or guardian, and they may not leave with another family.

Student Drill Procedures

List of 3 items.

  • Earthquake/Evacuation Drill


    At pre-appointed time, a long alarm will sound in all buildings/areas. This is the signal that an earthquake has started. Students will be instructed to follow protocols, “Drop, Cover, Hold.”
    • DROP down on the floor
    • Take COVER under a sturdy desk, table, or other furniture with backs to the windows and protect head and neck with arms
    • HOLD onto the furniture. 
    After approximately one minute, the PA System will signal to evacuate the building.

    Evacuation to City College front lawn
    • Ocean side of campus—Exit through front doors or parking lot to Ocean Avenue.
      • Walk in an orderly way up Ocean Avenue to the Howth St. crosswalk, and then to CCSF front lawn.
    • Geneva side of campus (library building)—Exit through the Geneva gate
      • Walk up to Howth St., turn right, continue to Ocean Ave. crosswalk
    • CCSF Police Officers will assist with crossing.
    • Class Deans assist students lining up by Advising Group
    • Advisors take attendance & report missing students to Class Deans

    All Clear
    • Several short bursts of the airhorn will sound, which will signal a return to campus, after all attendance has been collected.
    • Students will walk back to school, assisted in street crossing
    • Return to class. Teachers will check attendance again. 

    Rain Plan
    Same Procedure, evacuate to the Gymnasium.
  • Lockdown Drill

    Stay in one place, out of sight, and not in visible public spaces.

    At pre-appointed time, the PA System will announce “This is a lockdown drill,” three times. In the event of an actual intruder on campus, this is when authorities are called.

    Step 1—
    Teachers lock classroom doors from outside.
    Step 2—Students should move to sitting along the interior wall away from windows, flush with the door. (In Shops, as far away from windows as possible)
    Step 3—Cover windows on door with large Post-It or Butcher Paper (or whatever paper is available).
    Step 4—Put blinds down (if you have room issues with blinds, please let us know after the drill so we can repair as needed)

    Alternate Spaces
    • CAFÉ Students in café head down the stairs to stay in the hall along the PA storage space.
    • BATHROOMS Stay put and out of sight; stay in the stall.
    • LIBRARY Adults and students move to the back Study Rooms, and cover the windows on the doors.
    • GYMNASIUM Move students into Rock Climbing Room.
    • CENTER Move students into CCR and lock the door.


    Maintenance and Admin will facilitate sweeps during the drill. 

    Drill Ends
    Wait for the “All Clear” broadcast.


    Intruder comes through front door:
      • An intruder on campus is defined as a person (s) who creates disturbances, loiters, appears aggressive, etc. 
      • Assess the situation—of safe, approach the person and indicate you are a school official. 
      • Ask the intruder for identification and why they are on campus. Advise them of school policies including signing in and wearing an ID badge. 
      • Ask the intruder to leave campus; if s/he refuses, inform him/her of your intent to notify law enforcement. 
      • If the intruder does leave, notify school administration to follow up with Ingleside police and file an incident report. 
      • If the intruder still does not leave, call 911 and describe the situation. Notify staff to lock down.

    Intruder in classroom space:

      • Facstaff should calm and reassure the students and seek to diffuse the situation. 
      • This entails moving students away from intruder, and if safe to do so, try to communicate with the intruder and ask them to leave the classroom/campus. 
      • If the intruder leaves the classroom, close and immediately block the door. Do not leave the students alone. 
      • If intruder won’t leave, do not confront him/her, keep the situation as calm as possible, try to connect with another adult via phone, in person as possible.

    Armed intruder:
      • School staff should move all students into classrooms and safe spaces and call 911.
      • Contact school administrator (phone, radio) and initiate lockdown procedures.
      • Keep students calm and out of sight. 
      • Be prepared to evacuate at any time which will be indicated via the PA.
      • Do not leave a safe space until you hear from a trusted LWHS administrator/adult or SFPD.
      • Follow directions of SFPD when they arrive.
  • Fire Drill



Please email Dean of Students Kate Wiley if you have any questions about the safety procedures at LWHS.

Radio Stations

Emergency Announcements may be heard on the following radio stations:
  • KQED—FM 88.5
  • KCBS—AM 740

First Aid & Supplies

Backpacks in every classroom
In addition to the emergency backpacks that are placed in all classrooms and office spaces, extensive emergency and first aid materials are available in the disaster locker in the parking lot. These supplies are checked and replenished at the beginning of every school year.

Basic first aid supplies are also available in the Front Office and in each of the shops.
    • Evac map
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