Business Office

The Business Office provides many services to students, families, faculty and staff while supporting the administration of the school's finances and human resources needs.

Services provided to students are the purchase and distribution of school textbooks, supplies, BART tickets and the administrative support to the food service program. Students routinely visit the Business Office, upstairs at 27 Howth Street, to purchase tickets, add monies to their food account, and inquire about these services. For related questions please contact Emily Fung, Accounting Associate, at 415.333.1406 or by email at

BART Student Discount Program

BART has decided to continue their student discount program offering a 50% discounted BART ticket for students age 13 to 18. The BART ticket has a face value of $32, plus a last-ride bonus allowing a trip of any value to be made with last remaining balance of as little as $0.05 and are sold for $16 each*.

* Flex families may be offered additional discount. Please contact the Business Office to find out if you qualify.

To join the program, please complete the Student Certification Form (parent signature required) and return it to the Business Office. This form must be on file before tickets can be purchased. This form is kept on file, and a new form will need to be completed each year.
  • Tickets may only be ordered once per month. The option for families to pre-order tickets for the entire school year is available.
  • BART will only accept one order per month from the school. Therefore, we have established a cut-off day for ordering BART tickets to be the 1st Friday of each month by 3pm. 
  • Please mail or bring in your check to the Business Office before the due date. Payment must be for the exact amount. There will be no exceptions. (Please allow enough time if you are sending your check by mail.) 
  • Please make checks payable to Lick-Wilmerding High School. 
  • Tickets will arrive from BART at the Business Office at the end of every month. Students may then come up to the Business Office to retrieve them. 
The school is only a conduit for BART to sell the tickets to students and therefore the school is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged tickets. If you have any questions, please contact Accounting Associate Emily Fung in the Business Office.

Student Textbooks

Textbooks are included in tuition and distributed during Bookstore hours before the start of school. If you are unable to pick up your books during the scheduled time, typically announced in the summer newsletter, you may come to the Business Office on the first day of school, from 3–5pm, Monday–Friday. For special circumstances, please email Cynthia Yu for assistance.

If your class schedule has changed or is different than the one we are working with and you need to exchange a book, simply bring the book(s) you wish to exchange up to the Business Office with proof of schedule change from Registrar Kelleigh Trowbridge. Without proof of an authorized schedule change, books cannot be exchanged or returned. There are no exceptions.

If you are dropping a class and have received books you will need to return those books immediately or you will be billed for them. If books are not returned and the bill is not paid the school will take serious action to replace the missing materials.

If books are lost or stolen, they will not be replaced but they may be purchased from the Business Office. More information will be provided when textbooks are distributed.

The day before Frosh Orientation is set aside for 9th graders ONLY textbook distribution. Although the books are given to you in a paper bag you might want to bring your backpack to school on these days. You may also go throughout the rest of the week, same time, same place as returning students, but it may be busier because all students can get books then.

Business Office Hours

The Business Office is open Monday–Friday, 8am to 12:30pm and 1:30 to 4:30pm. (Closed for lunch 12:30–1:30pm.)

Business Team

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Current Employees

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Billing Procedures

In an effort to improve efficiency, LWHS has contracted with FACTS, an automated tuition management system to provide tuition billing and collection services. To find out more about FACTS, please contact Emily Fung at 415.333.1406 or by email at

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