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A History of Public Purpose

A History of Public Purpose

In 1908 the late Frederick B. Ginn, one of the Founders of the publishing house of Ginn & Co., bequeathed a sum of approximately $20,000 for the maintenance of orphan boys in the Lick and Wilmerding Schools. Afterwards Mrs. Ginn very generously added enough to more than double the original bequest. On June 30, 1915, the aggregate of the Ginn funds amounted to $54,000.

"Under the first of these funds an average of five boys have been maintained in the two schools each year during the past six years, nearly all of them being cared for in a home that was built by a public-spirited citizen at Utah and Mariposa streets, one block above the Wilmerding School. Plans have just been completed for another building, which will be located on Seventeenth Street, facing the Wilmerding School, and which will be distinctly the Ginn building.

In addition to its use as a home for the Ginn beneficiaries, it will also serve as a dormitory for country boys in attendance at the school, and as an alumni club house. Out-of-town members of the alumni coming to the city will be requested to make this their headquarters. Accommodations will be furnished to them at less than hotel rates. Not only will these things help the home financially, but it will be well for the boys and for the graduates to become interested in each other.

A feminine element will be introduced by having the Lux girls, especially the older girls in the Normal classes, participate in the care and management of the place, for practice in housekeeping. The matron in charge will be Mrs. Carrie Dinsmore Howland, who has been so active in alumni affairs and who also has had a first-hand acquaintance with the many problems that this new institution will have to meet." 

Source: L.W.L. Life Commencement Issue
June, 1916 Vol. 1, No. 4

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