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Dear LWHS Students and Families,

After what I hope was a relaxing and joyful summer filled with Women’s World Cup soccer matches, we are eager to welcome returning and new families to the 2019–20 school year!

On Mon–Tue, Aug 19–20, we welcome the Class of 2023 to their ninth grade orientation held at LWHS. These sessions, led by Frosh/Soph Dean Chris Yin, introduce incoming frosh to their advisors and aspects of daily life in high school, including the block schedule, information about lockers and books, food service, and extracurricular opportunities. These two days are also designed to introduce ninth graders to the mission and values of LWHS and transition them as the newest members of our community.

The Class of 2020 will commence their final year of high school together as a class on Aug 19–20 as they join their advisors and Junior/Senior Dean Oscar King for the Senior Retreat at Walker Creek Ranch in Petaluma. More information can be found in the eTiger.

The Classes of 2021 & 2022 can anticipate new teachers, new opportunities, and the deepening of friendships that accompanies the sophomore and junior years of high school. We look forward to seeing everyone on the first day of school on Mon, Aug 26 (see schedule for Day 1 below).

I. First Day of School

The first day of school is Mon, Aug 26: 
  • 8:30am | Students Report to Advising Spaces (see Advising Resource Board)
  • 8:30–8:50am | Advising
  • 9:00-9:40am | Opening Assembly (Bothin Gymnasium)
  • 9:45–10:50am | A Block
  • 10:55–12:00pm | B Block
  • 12:00–12:55pm | Lunch
  • 1:00–2:05pm | C Block
  • 2:15–3:20pm | D Block 
For more information about the daily school schedule, including lunches, athletic events, parent events, and co-curricular programs on campus, please check our daily updated school calendar

II. Student Illness or Absence

For basic safety reasons it is essential that parents report absences promptly to school receptionist Molly French (mfrench@lwhs.org) or call the school’s Absence Line (415-333-4021 x333) prior to 8:30am on the day of the student’s absence. 

Parents/Guardians may also check on their student’s absence/attendance through their login on the school’s website. Families have two calendar weeks to clear any unexcused absence or tardy, or it will be counted as a “cut” which means a grade penalty applies in the affected class(es). Please see the student handbook for more information.

III. Whom Do I Contact?

Wondering who to contact for a particular issue or dilemma? Is your student or family in need of school support? Please consult our “Whom Do I Contact” referral. If you are still unsure as to who oversees what, your student’s advisor or the grade-level dean is always a good first point of contact.

IV. Advising Changes & Locker Assignments

As faculty and staff change roles within the school or whose professional life takes them in a new direction, we have personnel changes in the advising program. For quick reference, here are the changes affecting any sophomore, junior, or senior advising group:
  • Class of 2020:
  • Class of 2021:
    • Riem → Nancy Kehoe
    • Cortez/Green → Cortez/Dempsey (new LSC counselor)
  • Class of 2022:
    • Allen/Boitano→ Allen/Yip (new Math instructor)
    • Shimek (sabbatical spring) → Shimek/Breslin (new English instructor)
In order to keep all frosh advising located together, there have been important changes to advising group locations—please consult the Advising Resource Board so you know where to go on the first day of school. 

In addition, for your locker assignment, please go to the Advising Resource Board and search based on your grade level and advisor. Should any students wish to make a locker change, you must first contact Ms. Wiley to request such a change.

V. Student Schedules and Add/Drop

Student schedules were made available on Mon, Jul 1 and can be accessed by going to the website student landing pages; click on the tab “My Day” and scroll down to your schedule. Add/Drop is scheduled for Tue–Fri, Aug 27–30. The same priorities that were used for scheduling students in spring will be applied to the allocation of add/drop spots in classes. Questions about this process should be directed to the Assistant Head of School, Randy Barnett, at rbarnett@lwhs.org

VI. School Picture Day

All students are required to get a new and current high school picture ID card for the 2019–20 year. The ID cards are used for admittance into school dances and school events, standardized tests, and for work permits. A valid student ID may also be used for discounts at various stores and museums in the Bay Area. There is no fee for the ID card. Families can also order picture packages—the picture information will be available in mid-August. 

Grades 911 & Faculty/Staff: Picture Day is Wed, Sep 4 in Bothin Gymnasium. 
Grade 12 School Photo & Senior Grad Photos: Picture Day is Thu, Sep 5 in Bothin Gymnasium.
Picture Day Make-Ups are Fri, Sep 13.

VII. Student Handbook Changes/Acknowledgment

**In mid-August, an e-Tiger will be sent home including the revised Student Handbook link as well as the required Handbook sign-off form. Please stay tuned for the forthcoming documents.**

There have been some modifications to the Student Handbook for the 2019–2020 academic school year. In particular, please take note of policies that address: 
  • Expectations of school attendance, including the protocol for tardies, consecutive absences, extended illness, unexcused absences, a new student activism cut policy, missed classes for athletics or performing arts commitments, and the impact on course credit (located in “The Rules—Absence and Tardy Policies” section)
  • More clarified information on the school’s dsicrimination, sexual harassment, and consent policies. (located in the “Harassment” section)
  • Information about security and emergency procedures, in particular the use of security cameras on campus
  • Revisions to school buildings, hours open, late pick-ups, etc. (located in the “For your Information” section)
It is required that both students and families read and review the 2019–2020 Student Handbook, available on the school resource board.

VIII. Tiger Days Schedule/Planners

Students and parents can add Tiger Days to their Google account. You'll be prompted to add two Google Calendars:
  • LWHS Block Schedule—includes the academic schedule, special schedules, finals, and holidays.
  • LWHS Events—includes comment writing days, grade deadlines, performances, sports tryouts, ACT/SAT dates, family gatherings, etc.
If you’re unable to use the link above, see additional instructions on the Calendar Info resource board. Students who would prefer a printed planner can visit the Communications Department in the first days of school to obtain one.

IX. LWHS Emergency Procedures

Lick-Wilmerding updates and practices our emergency procedures every year. For important information about school-wide emergency protocols, including communication, locations for pick-up, and important contact information, please visit the school Resource Board, button Emergency.

If you have questions not addressed in this mailing, email Kate Wiley at kwiley@lwhs.org.

Wishing you a wonderful end to your summer,

Kate Wiley                  Oscar King                               Chris Yin
Dean of Students       Junior/Senior Grade Dean       Frosh/Soph Dean

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