[HOS] Comings and Goings

Though we value consistency in our lives, and we often take comfort from predictability, we also know that change is a constant, and that people enter and leave our lives in different and often amazing ways.

This is true for our friendships, at times for our family, and often for our teachers and the people we work with. This year, we say goodbye to a number of faculty and staff who have made indelible impact on the school during their time at LWHS.
Math teacher Alice Grimm is moving on from the school after two years. Alice’s commitment to our mission, social justice, and making sure that the voices of LGBTQ students are heard and nurtured here at LWHS has had a big impact on our school. I thank Alice for her dedication to the students and her enthusiastic engagement with our community.

Renee Riem, who has taught Biology and Chemistry at LWHS for the past five years, is moving to Memphis, Tennessee to be closer to family. I thank Renee for her years of service to the school and for her gentle, kind approach to working with the entire community.

Melanie Johnson, the CFO for the past four years, is retiring after a long career helping non-profits. Melanie helped to secure the school’s financing for our new building, kept a careful eye on our expenses, and tirelessly worked to ensure that LWHS is fiscally sound and using our resources responsibly.

Ben Cohn ’08, the Center for Civic Engagement’s associate, is leaving his work with us after two years of service. Ben is attending graduate school to study Justice, Law, and Criminology next year, and we thank him for the wonderful connections and support he has given the students over his tenure.
After ten years of teaching at LWHS, technical arts teacher Giles Thompson has been hired by De La Salle High School to help start their tech arts program. Giles’ dedication to the school was on daily display as he navigated an hour and half commute to get to work. His wonderful work in the metal and wood shops inspired so many students over his many years at LWHS. We thank Giles for sharing his knowledge, his care for others, and his humor with us.
Three veteran teachers are reducing their course loads next year as they begin to cut back a bit. Math teacher Steve Simon will teach three sections next year, and fellow math department member Beverly Boitano will also teach three sections. English teacher Robin Von Breton will reduce her course load to two sections next year.
Four teachers will take a semester sabbatical next year. World Language Chair and Spanish teacher Ivonne Hernandez will be away from school for the first semester, and English teacher Suzie Shimek, Performing Arts Chair and music teacher Marty Stoddard, and Visual Arts Chair and architecture teacher Goranka Poljak-Hoy will be away during the spring semester.
Later this summer we will send out a list of new hires to LWHS. In the meantime, please join me in thanking all of these amazing educators for their work and dedication to LWHS. I wish our entire community a relaxing and rejuvenating summer, and I look forward to seeing everyone who is returning in August.

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