Student Council Elections

Tue, May 14 | 9:50–10:30am | Ehrer Theatre
Student Council Elections are taking place this Tuesday! All 9th–11th grade students should plan on reporting to the theatre to hear speeches. Check out the candidates running for office:

Student Council Presidents:
  • Amaya Guillen and Gavin Pola
  • Julia Hatfield and Brandon Moore

Student Council Vice Presidents:
  • Justin Detweiler and Evan Yee
  • Nicole Lin and Rebekka Kivimae

Student Inclusion Chairs:
  • Roma Edwards and Nora Hylton
  • Jeremy Lum and Journey Moore-Prewitt

Community Networkers:
  • Caitlin Cummings and Jackson Penfield
  • Davis Roberts and Kyler Miyashita
  • Justin Yee and Jeannie Moreno
  • Ari Kapoor and Adam Friedman

  • Indigo Mudbhary

  • Felix Fein

Director of Center for Civic Engagement

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