Arturo, Class of 2018

_____ is my hero because...
My family. Mom, a strong woman that gives my brother and me all the attention we need. Dad, a hard working man that does everything he can to give us a better life. Finally, my brother, he’s simply my life, my everything, I love the fact that he looks up to me. This is three heroes but actually, it is one because we are a family, a team that keeps working hard together to find a better future.
Favorite sports (playing or watching)

Favorite LWHS teacher and why
Goranka, she’s a great person with a beautiful personality, always positive and supportive. She speaks the truth and is honest.

If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would it be?
Merida, Yucatan, Mexico my homeland.

Hidden talents
I work in construction and I know electricity, plumbing, roofing, building. Pretty much most of the things about construction. Thanks to my dad.

Favorite food
Homemade Ceviche, that my mother makes, no other.

Favorite movie of all time

My greatest strengths
Speaking from my heart and my point of view based on my life experiences.

My greatest challenge
Finding the way to speak up.

Someday I would like to...
Go to Mexico and see my family, show them all my achievements that I have made, and that these years away was a well-paid sacrifice.

I am happiest when...
I have a fun day with my family full of adventure and new experiences.
Two songs on the soundtrack about my life are...
Quizas by Enrique Iglesia, Successful by Drake and Trey Songz.
Favorite quote
Todo sacrificio tiene su recompensa (Every sacrifice has its reward).” My parents tell me that every time it’s necessary.

What advice would you give your 9th grade self?
Ask for help, there are people that are willing to help you out.

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