LWHS Unicef Club - Trick-or-Treat Fundraiser

LWHS Unicef Club has a mission to raise awareness within the Lick-Wilmerding community around children who are—among other challenges—hungry, poorly educated or seeking refuge. Through increased awareness, the club planned to create greater incentive for their peers to work on fundraiser projects or even donate. All of their proceeds went straight to Unicef, an organization that has been working to support under-resourced youth around the world. 

As a student group that started two months before the pandemic hit, Unicef club has been challenged with navigating club responsibilities of team building, fundraising, and bringing together the community while being entirely virtual. Fortunately, with a summer to brainstorm and great resources from the Unicef organization, the club was able to organize a Trick-or-Treat for Unicef virtual fundraiser, raising over $2,000 in two weeks in October 2020.

As the club continues to plan more fundraisers throughout the year, they are grateful to have the chance to make an impact outside their community while meeting many new peers at Lick, across every grade. 

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