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Masking & Testing Policies

List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. What is the current testing policy?

    To ensure that we are taking seriously the responsibility for monitoring the health of our community so that our protocols are reflective of accurate data, we will begin the year with twice weekly testing. This will be especially important as we start the year and come back together wanting to limit any initial cases on campus due to summer travel. We will review the testing protocol after the first three weeks of school. It is our hope that we will evolve to less frequent testing strategies or optional/symptomatic testing in the future.
    • All community members will report twice-weekly surveillance COVID test results via Primary.  New students will be sent registration information, and returning students will be sent a link to update a consent form for the new school year.

    • The school will provide tests for all students, faculty, and staff; students will receive their first set of tests when they come to campus for orientation and to receive their books. In addition to school provided tests, one may also use any of the 12 tests supported in Primary. All families are encouraged to request free at-home COVID tests through the post office ( 

    • Positive tests will require that a community member communicate with the health center at school and determine return-to-school plan based on our policies.
    • Any member of the school community who is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 should test and stay home. Regardless of results, please contact our Health Coordinator, Mariah Kaitz ( to discuss next steps for care and return to school. 

  • Q. What is the testing schedule for the first two weeks of the 2022–23 school year?

    All test results must be submitted via Primary Health before 10pm. Tests will be provided by the school, but students and facstaff are welcome to use other tests not provided by the school as well.

    • Wed, Aug 17, 2022
    • Sun, Aug 21
    • Wed, Aug 24
    • Sun, Aug 28
    • Wed, Aug 31
    • Mon, Sept 5
  • Q. When and where must masks be worn when on campus?

    We know that the use of well-fitting face masks is effective in protecting yourself from any airborne virus. We also acknowledge that standards around the requirements of masks have changed. At this time, we will adhere to the guidance set by both the California Department of Health and San Francisco Department of Health and masking will be optional, though highly recommended in spaces with close contact and larger gatherings of people. At LWHS we will:
    • Support those who elect to wear a mask in our community;
    • Respect a classroom or office culture and wear a mask if required in that space;
    • Wear masks should community infection rates rise and it is determined to return to masks required for all
  • Q. What happens if it rains and we need to eat inside?

    When rain prevents eating outside, eating silently in the cafe is available, but please put your mask on immediately after you are done eating.
  • Q. Getting Boosters and Submitting Proof of Vaccination to the School:

    As a full community, LWHS is proudly over 99% vaccinated against COVID-19. In order to ensure continued effectiveness of vaccines, it is highly recommended that individuals stay up to date on boosters as recommended by health professionals.

    Please be sure to upload your booster information to your Magnus Health account.
    • To upload, login to Magnus Health through the Resource Board.  Once logged in, click "Edit" under requirement for Immunizations and when prompted, "Would you like to add an additional page or form for Immunizations?" click "Yes" and click through next questions to upload an updated record.
  • Q.
    What to do if someone in the household has symptoms of Covid-19?

    • For those who have been exposed to a known COVID positive person, and you are up to date on your vaccines, and you do not have symptoms, we ask that you come to school early each day to do daily testing in the health center between 8am and 9am. Continue to test for five days AFTER your close contact. We will continue this protocol as long as we have tests available and it is sustainable. If you are not up to date on your vaccines you must stay home for 5 days and test on the fifth day after close contact. If you test negative you may return to school. 
    • Students who have been exposed to the virus via close contact may not participate in extracurricular activities until 5 days after the close contact is symptom free. This includes all athletic and performing art activities.

Campus Visitor Policy

List of 3 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. For which events can family members come to campus?

    We are excited to welcome visitors back to campus this year. Because we will not be monitoring the vaccination status of visitors, all visitors to campus will be expected to wear a mask while on campus and interacting with our community.
  • Q. What is the school's policy on Monkey Pox?

    In addition to the ongoing monitoring of COVID-19, the school is aware of the developing information regarding Monkeypox. Currently, the Monkeypox virus is a public health emergency in San Francisco as a non-life threatening viral infection that is known to be spread through extended skin-to-skin contact. We will communicate as needed should our medical task force determine a need for interventions at school. In the meantime, we ask families to review the signs and symptoms found on the CDC website. We would ask any community members to stay home and see their doctors should they exhibit any signs of Monkeypox.

Weekly Rapid Antigen Testing

LWHS will continue to provide self-administered BinaxNow rapid antigen test kits to all students and employees. The test kits are distributed every few weeks. Each test kit has two tests (4 tests total). We ask that everyone test themselves on Sunday evening and Wednesday morning before coming to school.

Testing days will also be published at the top of the eTiger each Sunday. Please reach out to Health Coordinator Mariah Kaitz if you need assistance registering student tests. 

List of 7 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. COVID Testing Policy & Consequences

    Regular COVID Testing of our community members is essential to our wellbeing and health. Thus, it is mandatory for all students and facstaff to test and upload results twice a week on Sunday and Wednesday (except for 4-day, no Monday weeks). For those 4-day weeks, testing is on Monday and Thursday nights.

    To ensure testing protocols are followed and our community is protected, we are implementing the following policy:

    For students who do not test at home and upload their results:
    • First time—Student will receive a warning and test in the health center, and a letter goes home to be signed by a parenting adult. 
    • Second time—Student will receive an unexcused tardy for their first class block while they test in the health center; and the same letter goes home to be signed by a parenting adult.
    • Third time—Student will be sent home and will receive a CUT (unexcused absence) for every class block that day, which will lower each course grade by 1.67% (or ? of a grade for the semester). Students still must test and upload results from home for the next day.
  • Q. How is the test administered?

    The BinaxNOW rapid antigen test is a nasal swab test. Please follow the detailed instructions provided in the test kit.
  • Q. What if a student comes to school and forgets to take a test before coming to school on a testing day?

    Students who have not taken a test will need to go directly to the Sick Bay for a rapid antigen test with the Health Aide Coordinator. This may cause them to be late to class. Tardies for students who are to class due to not testing will not be excused.
  • Q. What happens if there is an error with the home test?

    Please retest using another test provided, or arrange to come by the Sick Bay for test from 8–9 am to have a test. 
  • Q. What if we're not sure if the test is positive or negative?

    Please retest or flag the test for review when submitted though the app and contact Health Aide Coordinator Mariah Kaitz.
  • Q. What if a test comes back positive?

    If at any time a test result comes back positive, a PCR test is required. If the first PCR test is negative, a second negative PCR test is required to return to school before the 10-day quarantine period is over.
  • Q. When will people be required to quarantine?

    Quarantine is not required for any vaccinated student or staff that is deemed a close contact with someone that is positive for COVID-19 as long as they do not have symptoms. A modified quarantine is required for unvaccinated individuals.

Accessing Campus

The health and safety of our community is our highest priority. The following is a list of safety measures that we will have in place.

List of 4 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. How will students enter campus each day?

    Students will enter campus through the main entrance at 755 Ocean Ave. All community members must check in via the Visitu system upon arriving to campus to help with contact tracing. Community members no longer need to answer the screening questions, however visitors will still need to answer the screening questions.

    Students can exit from any exit, but need to check out via the Visitu system upon leaving.

    Active Screening
    Families and students need to monitor themselves for symptoms. We ask that students experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19 not attend school until receiving a negative COVID test. 

    The Health Coordinator would also provide support and administration of these systems.
  • Q. What should community members bring to campus each day?

    • ID Card
    • Mask

    • Labeled water bottle
    • Personal laptop or tablet
  • Q. What if a student or employee is symptomatic upon entering or during the school day?

    Students or employees who develop symptoms of illness while at school will be separated from others right away, isolated in the newly designated sick bay located under the Business offices on 27 Howth Street—through which others do not enter or pass. This space will allow for more than one student (or adult) to be in the sick bay, and we can still ensure physical distancing. Parents and guardians should pick up their student directly from 27 Howth Street. 

    The Health Aide coordinator will supervise the following processes:
    • Any students or staff exhibiting symptoms will be required to wait in the sick bay until they can be transported home or to a healthcare facility. 
    • Students should remain in isolation with continued supervision and care by the Health Aide Coordinator until picked up.
    • Follow established guidelines for triaging students in the health office, recognizing not all symptoms are COVID-19 related.
    • Advise parents of sick students that students are not to return until they have met CDC/SFDPH criteria to discontinue home isolation.
    We will strive to protect and support students who are at higher risk for severe illness (medical conditions that the CDC/SFDPH says may have increased risks) or who cannot safely distance from household contacts at higher risk by providing virtual learning.
  • Q. What are student and family responsibilities outside of school?

    The success of this plan depends largely on how students conduct themselves outside of school as well as when at school. When they are outside of school students must still adhere to:
    • physical distancing, 
    • wearing a mask, and 
    • frequent hand washing 
    • They should avoid large crowds and take these protocols seriously. 


    Currently, 97% of our students are vaccinated. 


List of 2 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. What are the expectations for learning while in quarantine or isolation?

    With the current spike in absences due to the Omicron variant, we have slightly revised this document, originally published in October 2021. We are confident that we have the resources to maintain learning continuity for students who are required to isolate or quarantine, but who have either mild or no symptoms. Our in-house substitute teacher system, augmented by two full time Teaching Assistants and several teacher administrators, enables us to keep classes covered even when many teachers are absent. Absent teachers who are not experiencing symptoms are teaching remotely while students learn in the classroom. Read more
  • Q. What is the homework policy?

    You can read the complete updated 2022–2023 homework policy here, revised in an attempt to meet the challenges of a hybrid or distance learning environment. Online learning demands increased focus, energy and self-discipline, and so policy shifts include modifying the amount of nightly homework for grade levels, and emphasizing clarity of instructions and early posting of assignments. Two key changes:

    • Teachers will post the week’s homework with clear directions on the school website prior to the beginning of the week of instruction (i.e. Fri - Sun). During each class, teachers will explain the purpose, procedures and, if graded, the weight of each homework assignment due the next class. Teachers needing to change an assignment should email the changes to students and update the website by 4:30 pm that day.
    • Teachers will design homework assignments to take 30–45 minutes for 9th and 10th graders to complete, and 45–60 minutes for 11th and 12th grades.

Health Coordinator

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  • Photo of Mariah Kaitz

    Mariah Kaitz 

    Health Coordinator

Keys to Health & Safety

Face Masks Recommended
We know that the use of well-fitting face masks is effective in protecting yourself from any airborne virus. We also acknowledge that standards around the requirements of masks have changed. At this time, we will adhere to the guidance set by both the California Department of Health and San Francisco Department of Health and masking will be optional, though highly recommended in spaces with close contact and larger gatherings of people. At LWHS we will:
  • Support those who elect to wear a mask in our community;
  • Respect a classroom or office culture and wear a mask if required in that space;
  • Wear masks should community infection rates rise and it is determined to return to masks required for all
All community members must check in with the Visitu app upon entering campus each day and check out when leaving.

Constant Hand-washing and Sanitizing
All community members must wash their hands and use hand sanitizer throughout the day.

Monitoring Symptoms
All community members must stay home if they are experiencing any symptom(s) of COVID-19.

Currently the school is requiring vaccinations for all community members, including boosters. We recommend receiving all FDA-approved vaccinations and boosters going forward. 

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