McCullough Library
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Supporting lifetime reading habits and empowering students to see the world differently.
The McCullough Library is a place where students feed their curiosity, enhance their research skills, sharpen their ability to think logically, and enjoy reading. The mission of the library is to support and enrich the school curriculum, engage the students in the process of lifelong learning, support and encourage lifetime reading habits, and empower students as library users.
With 7,100 square feet of space and seating for 90 students, the library is the campus nexus linking students and faculty to the school's and the world's information resources. The interplay of reflection, creation, and exhibition throughout the library embodies the vitality, creativity, and intellectual richness at LWHS. A connecting place for people and ideas, encouraging the acquisition and generation of knowledge, the library offers an inviting setting that celebrates the importance of books and information in our lives.

Who's McCullough?

Jack McCullough, class of 1925, was president of the Radio Club when he attended LWHS. He went on to make important advances in communications engineering for radio and television, transmission, maritime communications, aircraft guidance, data networks, and satellite links. His interest in literacy and education prompted a generous gift to the LWHS Library.

Teaching Information Literacy

"In the complex technological world of today, education is no longer simply the acquisition of a body of knowledge. It is rather the ability to continually access and use a vast array of information sources. The learner must be able to effectively evaluate these sources, combine them in meaningful patterns, and react creatively to the results. For a successfully educated individual, this mode of learning becomes a lifelong habit, since knowledge acquired today may be inadequate tomorrow, while the process of searching out answers, once learned, will be a lifetime skill."
MA School Library Association

Library Benchmarks

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  • National Standards for Information Literacy

    The Library performs cross-disciplinary work toward the following benchmarks for information literacy as outlined in Information Power: Building Partnerships for Learning by the American Association of School Librarians.
  • Standard 1

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  • Standard 2

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  • Standard 3

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  • Standard 4

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  • Standard 5

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  • Standard 6

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  • Standard 7

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  • Standard 8

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  • Standard 9

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Library Team

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  • Photo of Danielle Farinacci

    Danielle Farinacci 

    Head Librarian
  • Photo of Mao Nguyen

    Mao Nguyen 

    Library Assistant
  • Photo of Thu Nguyen

    Thu Nguyen 

    Library Assistant

Library Hours

Monday–Friday | 8am–5pm

The Library has an ever-increasing book collection in addition to computers, printers, scanners, and other technology available for use by students, faculty, and staff.

Library Policies

Current Volunteers

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