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The Visual Arts Department nurtures perception, thinking and expression. According to Spanish philosopher, Jose Ortega Y Gasset, “art is creation, renewal and freedom.” Zen master, D.T. Suzuki asserts that it rises “from the isness of things, unhampered by senses and intellect.” We believe that it empowers the discovery of creative promise within.
Visual Arts teachers encourage students to explore their imagination, tap their experience and knowledge about the world, and trust their unique vision without fear of failure. We stress visual literacy, conceptual thinking, experimentation, craftsmanship and commitment. We ask our students to explore, take risks, persevere and deepen their visual perceptions honestly, reflectively and carefully. Our intention is to inspire them to be curious, creative and courageous, but also disciplined and attentive. We hope that through the development of their visual literacy our students will be become more confident in the uniqueness of their vision.
Our courses provide more than art foundations; they instill life skills that will serve students beyond the classroom. Through varied course offerings students engage in asking essential questions about the visual world, develop skills in making important artwork, and use artists habits of mind in their inquiry and process. Teacher-artists nurture respect for cultural heritage, as well as for contemporary art, and expect that through engagement in our program students will become active contributors to a culture that values art. We hope that through effort, perseverance, and inquiry students will achieve a deeper visual understanding of their world and that they will be inspired to create in the future.
“Art is not a thing; it is a way.” Elbert Hubbard

Visual Arts Faculty

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  • Photo of Goranka Poljak-Hoy

    Goranka Poljak-Hoy 

    Department Chair, Architecture Teacher

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    Ian Arenas 

    Visual Arts & Film Teacher

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  • Photo of Oleg Osipoff

    Oleg Osipoff 

    Drawing & Painting Teacher

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  • Photo of Eleanor Sananman

    Eleanor Sananman 

    Visual Arts Teacher

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  • Photo of Karmin Williams

    Karmin Williams 

    Visual Arts Teacher

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