Performing Arts
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The instrumental music program embraces a broad spectrum of genres and repertoire through our three main offerings.  All the instrumental music courses place an emphasis on performance experience, not only on campus, but out in the greater Bay Area community. Big Band is for beginning to intermediate musicians who wish to explore jazz, Latin jazz, fusion, funk, world music, and rock. There is a strong emphasis on ensemble playing. Chamber Orchestra/Advanced Chamber Music is a PPP eligible course. The objectives of the course are to develop proficiency and knowledge of orchestral and chamber music literature including, but not limited to the western classical music tradition. In addition, the class will explore new music and non-western repertoire. Advanced Combo (also a PPP eligible course) is dedicated to nurturing intermediate to advanced instrumental music students' growth through the study and performance of jazz and commercial music. Focusing on smaller ensembles and improvisation, students will examine the social constructs that have shaped this music and create programming suitable to how it may relate to their place in its lineage.

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