Two semesters required for 9th graders; one semester required for 10th graders; one PPP elective option, starting Fall of 2018.

All 9th graders participate in a yearlong course called Body-Mind Education (BME), unless otherwise arranged by the administration. This credited course incorporates a range of tools for making healthy life choices, combining activity based sessions with discussion, presentation, journaling, and home exploration. Students will reflect, respond, play, grapple, and experiment. Ultimately cultivating practices of body and mind that will sustain them through the many challenges their lives will offer. The BME curriculum includes three distinct areas of study—Climbing, Health & Wellness, and Strengthen, Stretch, Relax. 9th graders will spend a total of one semester each in Climbing and Strengthen, Stretch, Relax, alternating at the quarter. Health & Wellness is a yearlong course, held once per rotation.

All 10th graders will participate in a semester of Sophomore Health & Wellness, taught by BME faculty. With the 9th grade curriculum as a foundation, Sophomore Health & Wellness provides the opportunity for more mature conversation and in-depth exploration of vital teen health topics such as stress management, identity growth and formation, substance use and abuse, relationships, sexuality, sexual education and consent. The course will challenge students to clarify personal values, engage wholeheartedly in conversations about relevant topics, and develop critical thinking skills towards building a safe, respectful, and healthy culture for all students, inside and outside of school. The curriculum incorporates readings, media, discussion, games, role playing, films, surveys, and creative projects. Sophomore Health & Wellness is a semester-long course.

We also have a new elective class, “Storytelling as Empowerment,” open to 10th through 12th graders. Throughout history, storytelling has been used as a tool to empower, provoke, teach, and connect. This course aims to explore storytelling as a tool to disrupt mainstream narratives about historically marginalized identities, bringing nuance to people's lives. This course will introduce students to various forms of storytelling, from verbal expression to expression through body movements. Student will develop their skills to become narrators and collectively determine a public purpose project with storytelling at its core. This semester-long course offered in Fall 2018 fulfills the Public Purpose Program requirement for juniors and seniors.

What is yoga practice really about?

Yoga is a Sanskrit word that means "union," "bringing together," or "gathering."  In that broader sense, yoga is so much more than just stretching or holding poses!  Yoga is an approach to daily life that helps us to pause, to reflect on our experience, and to invite positive changes through our blossoming awareness of how we move through the world, what our inmost values are, and how we can weave the two together into one seamless expression.  

During each formal session of yoga we try our best to:
  • JOIN body and mind in the present moment

  • ATTEND to the smallest details of our body-mind experience

  • HEIGHTEN our awareness of posture, breath, and energy

  • BALANCE our energetic pathways

  • CULTIVATE strength, flexibility, and deep relaxation

  • OFFER encouragement and support to our classmates through kindness, focus, and a positive approach to learning
The hope is that we will be able to leave yoga class and extend these qualities into all realms of daily life, so that each person and place we encounter will be touched by this gift of our practice.

BME Faculty

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  • Erin Merk 

    Department Chair, Yoga, Health & Wellness Teacher

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