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Message from the Assistant Head of School

As I communicated in my letter on August 10, this has been by far the most complicated scheduling year in the history of the school. We've been working to build a schedule that best supports remote learning and that creates conditions for safely returning to campus, when the time comes. To do this, we've moved to a quarter system, limited class size to a socially distanced 12-13 students, and divided the student body into two discipline clusters so that we can potentially return sooner by having only 50% of our community on campus at any given time. We recognize that these changes will make for a different kind of learning experience, and may result in some disappointment when students are unable to take certain classes, but we are confident that our collective resilience, curiosity and innovative thinking will result in a year of deep, transformative learning.

We hope and intend to return to our normal schedule for 2021-22

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    Randy Barnett 

    Assistant Head of School
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    Erica Obando 

    Academic Scheduler & Registrar

For students

Step-by-Step to view student schedule:
  1. Log in to
  2. You will land on your Progress tab
  3. Course list will show below "Performance" starting July 1

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For parents

Step-by-Step to view student schedule:
  1. Log in to
  2. Far left, click on student name (if you have more than one student, use the dropdown)
  3. On the Progress tab, the course list will be below “Performance” starting July 1

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The Scheduling Process

Scheduling at Lick-Wilmerding is a complicated process designed to provide a comprehensive Head Heart Hands learning experience for all students. We believe learning is enhanced by sharing the classroom with students from all walks of life, and so we prioritize the principles of equity, access, and inclusion above student choice. At the same time, we offer students a broad spectrum of classes from which they can increasingly personalize their schedule as they move up through the grades.

On August 10, 2020, Quarter One and Two schedules become available on the school website. In general, students will see all of their requirements and the majority of their requested classes on their schedules. However, some students may not be satisfied with part of their schedule. The Academic Guidebook is the best source of information about our policies and procedures, but here is a selection of frequently asked questions and answers regarding scheduling. Please review these before contacting the school with any schedule concerns or requests.


List of 8 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: What do I do if there is an error on my schedule?

    We define an error as: fewer than six classes, missing a required class, placed into a class you are not qualified for, et al. Changing your mind about a class is not an error, but is an add/drop issue. Seniors assigned to an English or History seminar they didn't sign up for is also an add/drop issue. For errors as defined above, contact Erica Obando, Academic Scheduler and Registrar.
  • Q: How do I add, drop or change classes?

    To begin the Add/Drop process, fill out the form linked here. Note that for 2020-21 school year, it may be more difficult to grant Add/Drop requests because class roster limits mean most classes are full. Requests will be granted on a day by day basis, beginning approximately one week before the start of school. Because of the number of add/drop requests, we don't send individual emails to notify students. You will know if your request was granted if you see the new class appear (or a dropped class disappear) on your online schedule. For assistance with Add/Drop, contact Academic Scheduler and Registrar Erica Obando to set up a meeting. 

    In addition to the usual Add/Drop priorities, we will also give preference to students enrolled in only two classes for a quarter. The school courses grid is a tool designed to help students figure out add/drop requests. However, because of the discipline clusters, this year's grid will be a little more difficult to navigate. The grid uses the A-H block format, but for a given quarter, students will only be allowed to take classes in either the ABCD block or the EFGH block, and only within the cluster they've been assigned to for the quarter, either World Languages, Science, BME, Visual Arts, History OR English, Tech Arts, Math, Performing Arts and Physics. That means if I'm in Spanish 3 and World History in A and B blocks, for example, I can add classes only from Science, BME and Visual Arts, and only in C and D blocks.
  • Q: I think my placement in Math/World Language is not accurate, what should I do?

    Email Assistant Head of School Randy Barnett, as well as World Languages Department Chair Beatriz de la Cruz de Pinar or Math Department Chair Annie Mehalchick to describe your concern. We will work to resolve placement issues in August before school starts.
  • Q: Why didn’t I get the course that I requested?

    Because of the difficulty of predicting demand for classes, some sections have more requests than spaces. In this case, we use a priority system to assign spaces in order to ensure equitable access. If a student did not receive their first choice, they will be assigned to their alternate choices. If they did not list alternates as instructed during the course request process, they will either be placed into a class they didn’t request but which has space (if they need a sixth class), or not be placed into a seventh class. They may request changes during the Add/Drop period (see below).

    Occasionally, students may feel it is important to let colleges know that they could not get into a certain course because it was full or conflicted with other courses. In this case, they should discuss it with a college counselor, who can make this information available to admissions officers through their recommendations.
  • Q: I signed up for a TA or Independent Study; why don’t I see it on my schedule?

    TAs and Independent Studies will be added to a student’s schedule in August after the Add/Drop period. Please check back to verify that the TA/IS appears on your schedule by the second week of classes.
  • Q: I am interested in doing an Independent Study or TA; is there still time to sign up?

    Yes, 11th and 12th graders can complete an application (available in the Course Catalog), get appropriate signatures, and write up a proposal for these experiences before and during the add/drop period. TA and IS are not available to 9th graders. 10th graders may be approved in certain circumstances.
  • Q: How do I contact someone to discuss my student’s schedule?

    Please email your schedule concerns to Academic Scheduler and Registrar Erica Obando. Schedule concerns that are not based on an error or on Math/World Language placement change must wait until the Add/Drop period in order to make sure that the process is equitable and consistent for all students.
  • Q: I'm having trouble logging in to the website. Whom should I contact?

    Please email School Receptionist Molly French with issues regarding login.

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