College Counseling
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What to Expect as Juniors

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  • Junior year brings more challenges in the classroom...

    ... and further opportunities outside of the classroom. With this in mind, it’s important that students remain focused on their coursework, yet also explore extracurricular interests with depth and enthusiasm, pursuing opportunities to engage, advocate, lead, support, get involved.

    As a junior, students also know that applying to college is just around the corner.
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Visiting Colleges

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  • Overview

    Selecting a college is an important decision, and it is hard to imagine making such a large investment without visiting and investigating it thoroughly. The college visit is one of the best ways to assure a “good fit” between a student and the college.
  • When to Visit

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  • Visit Local Colleges

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  • Planning College Visits

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  • What to Do During College Visits

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  • After College Visits

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