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Welcome to Frosh Year!

Welcome to Lick-Wilmerding High School! We—the college counseling team of Alayne Haggerty, Krista Klein, and Gabriela Mejia—sincerely hope that students’ four years at LWHS will be filled with inspiring experiences: learning, making lasting friendships, and finding the path through the LWHS curriculum and community that students will find meaningful and fulfilling.

Be assured that if students wholeheartedly embrace the opportunities that come their way, finding the right college fit will come naturally to them, and will probably be much easier than the high school application experience. Students will discover many options and a variety of colleges that will meet their aspirations.

Building a Foundation

Students will build a foundation in ninth grade, develop habits of “head, heart, and hands” that will, in great measure, contribute to and influence their success over the next four years. It may not happen overnight; students may find their academic stride as the year goes by. Students will use this first year at LWHS to explore the curriculum, to get to know themselves better as learners, to discover what most engages their interest and enthusiasm and sharpen the skills that will ensure a meaningful four years.

That’s a tall order, but students won’t need much help from the college counseling team to get off to a great start. Stay focused on the here and now—"life at Lick." It’s the best way for students to get the most from their high school years, and to become the most compelling college applicant they can be. College counselors will stay in touch, but from a respectful distance for the time being. 

Again, welcome, and best wishes for a terrific high school journey!

Get Involved

Students who find within themselves the enthusiasm and commitment to do two things during high school—taking full advantage of what the school has to offer and, in turn, enriching the school and community with their talents and generosity—will find themselves not only prepared for college, but also recognized for their efforts and accomplishments. It seems much more effective, from our point of view, to “bloom where we are planted,” as the saying goes, than to go to exaggerated lengths to become “eligible” for admission to college.

Lick-Wilmerding High School

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