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The Center

The LWHS Center for Civic Engagement is both a vehicle for, and an expression of, the school's purpose—educating students with the capacity and commitment to make the world a better place. During their four years at LWHS, all students will participate in the Public Purpose Program, which guides students in several ways, from recognizing how to apply their education and unique talents, to ultimately affecting positive change and social justice.

9th Grade—In their first year at LWHS, 9th grade students participate in a year-long workshop series that explores privilege, the roots of inequality, volunteerism, and community. The curriculum culminates in a day of service during the spring semester where the entire 9th grade class begins to enact the mindsets and attitudes cultivated over the year.

10th Grade—Sophomores spend the year completing 40 hours of service. With the support of the Public Purpose Program, students can partner with local organizations, participate in Center for Civic Engagement sponsored projects, or find their own opportunities. At the end of the year, sophomores take part in an LWHS Volunteer Exhibition, in which they present information on their service and highlight local organizations with whom they have partnered.

11th Grade—Juniors complete the Public Purpose Program requirement by enrolling in an academic class with a service learning component, designing a relevant independent study, or working as an intern with a local nonprofit organization.

12th Grade—Seniors may choose to deepen the inquiry they began during their junior year by interning with the same organization or pursuing similar service based academics. Alternatively, they may decide to design an independent study based on a different theme, take a course with an alternative focus, or apply for a new internship.

At its core, the Center is a space for civics in action and a foundation for responsible, effective leadership.
  • Advanced Jazz & Contemporary Music Ensemble PPP

    The Advanced Jazz and Contemporary Music Ensemble is the upper level jazz and commercial music course at LWHS. Geared toward musicians in grades 10–12, students are required to possess advanced proficiency of their instruments and have a strong foundation in music fundamentals. Students must demonstrate self discipline and maturity to participate in project-based activities, public service projects, peer tutoring, and public speaking. Emphasis is on working in small ensembles to develop concert and community service performance material, cultivate outreach opportunities, and mentor beginning musicians from within and/or beyond the school. Students will hone their own skills and performance experience through regular rehearsals and participation in appropriate concerts and festivals. Applicable music theory and analysis is also a component of the course. Students will be assigned to varying sized combos to study and prepare a variety of stylistically appropriate music for public performance.
  • Biology Honors: Marine Ecology: Field and Lab Science (PPP)

    The world's oceans cover over 70% of the earth's surface and are integrally tied to the health of the planet. A deep understanding of marine ecology is critical for the appreciation, preservation, and protection of marine habitats. Marine Ecology is a year-long advanced interdisciplinary science course that uses the Bay Area as a classroom. In 2021-22 the course will include required field trips during non-school hours. Students will be expected to meet at various locations in the bay area for our fieldwork and field trips (rain or shine) - planning and organization are going to be important skills. Students should expect to attend 1-2 field trips per month.

    Over the course of the year, students will grow to understand the physical and chemical characteristics of marine ecological zones and investigate the anatomy, behavior, and evolutionary adaptations of a variety of life. Students will investigate a broad range of current conservation concerns with an emphasis on global fishing practices and climate change. Laboratory activities include dissection, live organism exploration, data collection, guest lectures, and microscope work.

    Prerequisites: Biology and Chemistry

    This yearlong course is UC approved and fulfills the PPP requirement for juniors and seniors.
  • Calculus PPP

    This course explores the fundamental concepts and techniques of differential and integral calculus—the mathematics of change. The emphasis is on conceptual understanding achieved through investigations, problem solving, and projects that require applications of calculus to mathematical modeling. 

    In this PPP version of calculus, students will use the mathematics learned in class to serve the community via fundraising and other activities.  Students will be expected to use the shops as well as technology, arts and crafts to design and produce objects to be sold. Students will gain business management skills through these endeavors.  

    This course will require summer reading and preparation work, as well as some out of school time for students to do research and participate in community events. Students should expect to engage in service work about 15 hours per semester.  Students should also expect to reflect on their service work in order to inform further actions and/or to shape the scope of their existing service projects. Service work will be done concurrently with class work. 

    Prerequisite: Precalculus with semester grades of at least B-.

    This year long course fulfills the Public Purpose Program requirement for juniors and seniors. It is a UC eligible course.
  • Chinese 4 Honors PPP

    Chinese 4 Honors PPP extends the foundation developed in previous levels and improves students' ability to communicate in the context of contemporary Chinese culture. Students analyze readings in the textbook, as well as historic idiom stories and classic novels. Students communicate in great depth about everyday activities, current events, and culture. Students further expand on their abilities to read and write in all modes. Chinese 4H emphasizes more advanced literature and improved composition skills. Students apply their language and cultural knowledge through integrative projects and oral presentations. The series Chinese Link, College Intermediate Level serves as the primary resource, along with teacher generated materials. Mandarin Chinese is the sole language of instruction.

    Prerequisites: Chinese 3 students who have met the requirements for entrance into 4H. Any new student to the Chinese program must take a placement examination and be interviewed. 

    This year long course fulfills the Public Purpose Program requirement for juniors and seniors. It is a UC approved course.
  • Community Computing PPP

    Community Computing is a project-based PPP class that cultivates teamwork and service in the context of software development. Students can take this course as advanced engineers or as designers/product managers with no prior programming experience.

    In the first of two projects, the class creates software for use at Lick-Wilmerding. Students solicit feedback from peers, faculty, and staff and work in teams to build applications that fill an existing need. Within their groups, students may specialize in engineering, product management, or graphic design. No previous programming experience is required for product management and graphic design specializations. Students with less coding experience will learn basic computer science concepts from structured class exercises and interacting with experienced peers. Advanced students will work in JavaScript & Node, building on the skills learned in Graphics & Game Design.

    In the second project, students serve as role models for elementary and middle school students through introductory computing workshops.

    Throughout the semester, we examine computing's culture and the importance of cultivating a diverse new generation of computer scientists.

    This class meets the Tech Arts "Design & Engineering" category requirement.

    This semester-long course offered in Spring 2023 fulfills the Public Purpose Program requirement for juniors and seniors.
  • Dance Ensemble PPP

    Dance Ensemble PPP provides students with continued development and practice in the principles of technique and movement through diverse genres and styles of dance. Students will experiment with choreographic premises and apply them to their own movement preferences. This course further develops the technical foundation in all dance genres and encourages students to create and innovate their own original work. Students will continue to establish their creative process to create and innovate their own original work. Students will have opportunities to collaborate and work with guest teachers, choreographers, and students in a variety of electives.

    This course is a PPP course. and will include experiences and opportunities with the community through elementary schools and youth organizations. DE students will develop unique performances and interdisciplinary experiences for young audiences both on and off campus. There will be opportunities for mentorship and teaching.

    Prerequisite: This course is offered to juniors and seniors who have taken two semesters of Dance at LWHS.

    This is a yearlong, UC approved course. 
  • Ethnic Studies: Exploring Our Collective Communities PPP

    Ethnic Studies: Exploring Our Collective Communities is a course centered around studying the rich cultures, histories, and experiences of people of color from around the world. Focused on learning about Ethnic Studies through the lens of collective communities at local, state, national, and global levels, this course is meant to enrich the lives of its students and help them better understand their identities. Ethnic studies uplifts the voices of marginalized (or disenfranchised) communities, aiming to refocus the conversation on BIPOC. This course provides a flexible space intended for the teacher(s) and students to cultivate a collaborative, personal, and engaging classroom environment where cultural and experiential knowledge are both welcomed and valued. Course activities will include creative projects, field trips, guest speakers, and more. To prioritize student experiences, Ethnic Studies will be a pass/fail course where students will receive feedback and advice instead of needing to worry about transcripts and letter grades. Students will be pushed to think introspectively and engage in assignments that will allow them to explore aspects of their own histories. Ethnic Studies at LWHS will have a PPP component that will involve students working with local organizations and making connections with people in their collective communities.

    Prerequisite: None

    This Spring 2023 course is UC pending and fulfills the PPP requirement for juniors and seniors.
  • French 4 Honors PPP

    In Honors French 4, students explore literature, history, university study and careers, street art, diversity and racism, and music, often through the lens of social justice. Students discuss and write in both research and reflective modes, developing greater accuracy and honing their ability to craft an argument. At this stage, students are able to communicate in a wider variety of real-world contexts, be more and more spontaneous in their speech, and sustain conversation with greater elaboration. They are also more skilled at changing time frames and using more nuanced structures as they communicate. Resources include the grammar workbook Une Fois pour toutes and a variety of literary texts, news and other articles, and teacher-generated materials. French is the language of instruction 90%-100% of the time. 

    Prerequisites: French 3 students who have met the requirements.
    This yearlong course fulfills the Public Purpose Program requirement for juniors and seniors. It is a UC approved course.  This course will next be offered in the 2024-25 school year.
  • Journalism PPP

    The Journalism class offers an opportunity for students to learn and work in a professional setting as a member of the press, the vital investigative branch of democracy. Students will plan, write, edit, and design the LWHS student print publication, the Paper Tiger, and the online Paper Tiger. Students will write in depth news stories, features, profiles, reviews, and editorials; they must write for all sections of the paper—news, politics, sports, arts & leisure, science & tech, and voices. To get the story, students will work in the field and in the newsroom researching, writing, discussing, and dissecting. The course will facilitate building critical and creative thinking and writing skills, investigative reporting, interviewing, understanding and designing the impact of rhetorical techniques, photography, and page and publication design. As members of the Paper Tiger staff students collaborate to run a small company. Students will consider both the ethics of journalism and the future of different news media. Students must learn Adobe InDesign to publish the paper.

    PPP requirements for the course will be satisfied by students identifying, investigating, and writing one long-form feature that highlights the work of a Bay Area community organization or a vital community issue. This feature requires research, investigation, and interviews off campus. The article will be published in the Paper Tiger and possibly in an external news outlet. In addition, students must write one op-ed and submit it for consideration, for example, to Youth Radio or KQED Perspectives.

    The course is open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Students may enroll in Journalism multiple times. The instructor’s signature is required on the course signup sheet. Current Paper Tiger editors (and students selected as editors for the 2018–19 school year) will be given priority in scheduling, regardless of grade level. This policy is meant to maintain continuity for the newspaper staff.

    (Add/Drop at the semester by permission of instructor only.)

    Prerequisite: English 1

    This yearlong course is UC approved and fulfills the PPP requirement for juniors and seniors.
  • Leadership in Action PPP

    “As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.”

    This course seeks to provide students with skills, knowledge and practice to develop themselves as leaders within their communities. Students will study effective public speaking, learn the art of giving and receiving feedback and spend time reflecting on their own leadership style. Our focus will be shaping future leaders who empower others.

    In their culminating project students will draw on newfound confidence and strengths to lead a community project of their choice – with the ultimate goal of creating positive, forward change in whatever issue/topic/group they identify.

    This is a Public Purpose Class that aims to teach real life skills through joy, play, and reflection.

    Prerequisite: None

    This Spring 2023 course is UC pending and fulfills the PPP requirement for juniors and seniors.
  • Music and Social Justice PPP

    Make no mistake: music can, and has, changed the world.  Whether you're looking at Fela Kuti's Afrobeat songs condemning the corruption of the Nigerian government, the Protestant church creating new hymns by repurposing well-known drinking songs during the Protestant Reformation, the popular songs of protest that fueled the Arab Spring uprising, or Childish Gambino's recent single "This Is America" confronting racism and discrimination in the United States today, music has always had a significant role to play in fight against oppression.  Throughout recorded history, musicians have wielded great power as agents of change.  Music has fueled uprisings, toppled governments, and given new hope to the hopeless.  In this course, we will examine the relationship between music and social justice using case studies from different historical times and different parts of the world.

    Music and Social Justice is a PPP course.  Students will collaborate in small groups to design and implement a music-themed community-based social justice project of their own choosing.

    This Spring 2023 course is UC pending and fulfills the PPP requirement for juniors and seniors.
  • Precalculus Honors PPP

    This course will build upon content taught in Algebra 2 Accelerated and explore topics necessary to be successful in Calculus Honors, through a lens of mathematical modeling for social change. Mathematical modeling for social change is a process to make better sense of ill-defined situations related to social justice. Is police brutality a widespread problem, and if so what can be done? How does one define and draw fair election districts? Is global warming a real and human-caused phenomenon? This course will revisit and introduce a range of functions (e.g. linear, polynomial, exponential, trigonometric, conic, recursive, rational, and logistic) and perspectives (e.g. cartesian, polar, and parametric forms; the complex plane, and matrices) to investigate questions such as these.

    Prerequisites: Algebra 2 (regular or accelerated) and department recommendation. Students coming from Algebra 2 will need to do additional study during the preceding summer and take a LWHS placement exam to determine final placement.

    This yearlong course fulfills the Public Purpose Program requirement for juniors and seniors. It is a UC approved course.
  • Private Skills for a Public Purpose PPP

    Private School With Public Purpose (PSPP) aims, through design and research, to allow our students to examine their own privileges and biases and more importantly the role we all play in the greater education system. Students mix reading and research with tangible hands-on shop skills to build relationships and foster empathy for people beyond the walls of the school. Shops skills are primarily in the area of wood and metal fabrication but the course is not constrained by specific tools or mediums. Students are given an opportunity to work closely with a public school or nonprofit organizations to provide design and build skills while filling needs within the local organizations. The semester begins with in-depth inquiry into systematic social inequities, and challenges students to think about their own position of privilege. The rest of the semester is spent on designing and building projects to meet the needs of the organization and its stakeholders. This is an ideal opportunity for students to learn about the client/builder relationship through site visits, interviews, and observations about the organization's needs. The class culminates in the delivery of the finished projects.

    This class meets the “Design & Engineering” category requirement.

    Prerequisite: Design and Technology

    This semester long course offered in both Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 fulfills the Public Purpose Program requirement for juniors and seniors. It is a UC approved course.
  • Psychology: Brain and Behavior (PPP)

    An overarching goal of the PPP version of B&B will be to develop empathy as a skill and enhance compassion for people with challenges, experiences and identities different from our own (e.g., the elderly, children with learning differences, adults with disabilities). Students will visit and develop ongoing relationships with a given population of their choosing. As a class, we hope to foster lasting connections with agencies in the bay area which serve communities with challenges and experiences different from our own. This will depend in large part on student initiative and commitment. The course will begin with an introduction to the fundamentals of psychology from B&B classic. We will focus on how we identify, how we act, how we interact, how we develop, how we learn and remember, and how we all face psychological and neurological challenges with all of these. These questions will equip students with the knowledge and emotional skills they will need for the public purpose portion later on. The course highlights how the physical brain, the environment, and human behavior continually interact. The course is an invitation for introspection and expression as students agree, disagree, and take what is helpful to them and make it their own.

    Prerequisite: None 

    This yearlong, UC approved course fulfills the Public Purpose Program requirement for juniors and seniors.
  • Sewing and Textile Arts Level 2 PPP

    Building on the skills from Sewing and Textile Arts Level 1, this advanced sewing Public Purpose course will provide much needed services to local and national organizations. Students mix reading and research with tangible hands-on sewing skills to build relationships, examine our own privilege, and foster awareness and empathy of global issues impacting young people.

    Our topics will include researching period poverty in preparation for creating re-usable maxi-pads for girls abroad, working with an organization creating wheelchair capes for children that are chair bound, and other projects that will be chosen by the class.

    Students will work collaboratively and in teams to design and organize their making process in order to efficiently produce their goods. New sewing skills will be learned and old skills perfected in order to accommodate the needs and expectations of our organizations.

    Prerequisite: Design & Technology, Sewing and Textile Arts Level 1

    This semester-long course is offered in Spring 2023. It is a UC-eligible course.
  • Statistics 1 Honors: Descriptive Statistics and Data Visualization PPP

    Statistics is essential for any field in which people wish to draw meaningful conclusions from data. The goal is for students to become ethical and competent consumers and producers of statistics. The course has five major sections: data collection, descriptive statistics, position in a distribution, experimental design and data visualization. Students will learn how to use different computer programs to create surveys and infographics. Students will apply their knowledge and develop statistical skills to service projects within LWHS. Recent projects have included collecting data about student participation in arts and sports outside of school for the Admissions Office and an analysis of lunch selections by students for Ann Maisel Café. This course is a prerequisite for Inferential Statistics in the spring.

    Prerequisites: Algebra 2 and department recommendation

    This semester long course offered in Fall 2022 fulfills the Public Purpose Program requirement for juniors and seniors. It is a UC approved course.
  • Statistics 2 Honors: Inferential Statistics PPP

    This course builds on both the content and public purpose work in Descriptive Statistics, with a major goal of developing skills needed to both tell and critique statistical stories. The course has three major content sections: combinatorics and probability theory, inferential statistics, and modeling. Students will spend a significant part of the course applying statistical skills to service projects with nonprofit partners outside of LWHS.
    Prerequisites: Statistics 1 Honors: Descriptive Statistics and Data Visualization and department recommendation

    This semester long course offered in Spring 2023 fulfills the Public Purpose Program requirement for juniors and seniors. It is a UC approved course.
  • Teaching Assistant Tech Arts PPP

    This course will have students apply the combined skills learned in previous Technical Arts classes with new skills focused on leadership. The faculty member will act as a mentor and coach, introducing material so that the student leader can better understand cultural competency, equitable pedagogical practices, and their impact on the learning environment. These learning strategies will then be applied and focus on four main areas on a daily basis—teaching, community, machine maintenance/class prep, and reflection.

    Note: This class does not fulfill the technical arts graduation requirement and PPP credit can only be given for participation Private Skills for a Public Purpose class.

    Prerequisites: Design & Technology along with one semester of the class for which you will be the teaching assistant.

    This semester long course offered in both Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 fulfills the Public Purpose Program requirement for juniors and seniors. 


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