Student Club Application

Part I: General Information
Mission Statement
Part II: Leadership and Community
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Please contact Director of The Center for Civic Engagement Christine Godinez with any questions.

Club Group Descriptions

Every club must choose a club membership. Please see the descriptions below. 
  • Club leaders are required to attend Mandatory Leadership Training at the beginning of the semester.

AM CLUBS (Active Membership)

  • Faculty advisor who is present at meetings and club activities.
  • One on-campus community event a year (assemblies, after school videos, lunches, guest speakers, discussion forum in the center, etc.)
  • Club leaders committed to attending leadership workshops and have regular check-ins with the Director of Student Inclusion and Leadership.
  • Club leaders are required to attend Mandatory Leadership Training.
  • Club meetings occur every rotation in a reserved room.
  • Written agenda and minutes are recorded for every meeting and made available to club Advisor or Director of Student Inclusion, Leadership and Civic Engagement, if requested.
  • Community Service Requirement:
    Starting a club on campus is a way to build community around particular interests. In order to both help clubs develop as communities on campus and engage the wider community off campus, AM Club leaders are required to run either a) an off-site service project or b) on-site fundraiser. If requested, clubs leaders, with the help of their membership, can work with Public Purpose Program Director Alan Wesson Suárez to design a project. Ideally, the project will align with the club’s mission, but club leaders will have the freedom to choose any of the available options provided.

PM CLUBS (Passive Membership)

  • Faculty or staff sponsor who supports the club and occasionally attends its meetings. (Exception: Physically active clubs where there is potential for injury must have faculty/staff sponsor present at all meetings and events!)
  • Check-ins with Director of Student Inclusion, Leadership and Civic Engagement, if requested.
  • Meeting times can be flexible, but if a specific room or space is needed, a room request should be made in advance.

IMPORTANT: LWHS is not responsible for any off-campus events hosted by student clubs.

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