Student Clubs

A place for students to explore their interests and contribute to their communities.
For students, clubs are a way of finding their identity and expressing their interests, as well as fostering leadership. For faculty, it's a way of mentoring students and sharing interests outside the classroom. See the current list of clubs and mission statements below.


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  • Afri Club

    Mission Statement
    We strive to educate people about culture and experiences of those living in Senegal and other parts of Africa. We would like to fundraise for these communities and promote service work abroad.
  • ASIA Club

    (aka Asian-American Students in Alliance)

    Mission Statement

    ASIA strives to be a tight-knit community where students of any race, ethnicity, or background can discuss and explore Asian-American issues, history, and identity while also supporting local and global Asian and Asian-American communities.
  • Astronomy Club / Space Club

    Mission Statement
    Astronomy Club strives to teach the LWHS community about the wonders of space, as well as inform about the many global benefits gained from both research in space as well as its exploration.


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  • Barbecue Club

    We aim to provide the Lick Wilmerding community with a space for a diverse crowd to come together in the age-old barbecue tradition of conversing with people you normally would not normally over delicious food.
  • Bowling Club

    The club will strive to bring the fun, competitive, and social aspects of bowing to everyone, no matter their experience.
  • Beekeeping Club

    Mission Statement
    We aim to:
    1) care for and providing bee hives that are in the garden.
    2) educate the LWHS community about bees.
    3) get community members interested and engaged in bee-related activities.
  • Big Chair Appreciation Club

    Mission Statement
    Big Chair Appreciation Club intends to destress the lick community through its celebration of the monument; we plan on organizing fun activities centered around the Chair! Some days, we plan on sitting on and around the Chair, bonding over our love for it. We also plan on an Appreciation Day, with a photo contest for the chairs official Instagram.
  • Black Student Union (BSU)

    Mission Statement
    The Black Student Union (BSU) aims to provide a space to explore, evaluate, and ultimately connect over what it means to be Black in today's society. BSU also strives to unite people of different cultures and explore ways that all people can positively engage in the fight for racial justice.


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  • El Centro Explorativo Club

    El Centro Explorativo (The Exploratory Center) is a community-led afterschool education center working to empower the community and enrich the educational experiences of children in La Pista, a rural Guatemalan community. La Pista is located in the region of Nebaj, Quiche, which is populated by indigenous Mayan families who work each and every day to preserve their vibrant culture. This region suffered greatly during the Guatemalan Civil War when its mountains and valleys served as military bases for Guerrilla groups. The hardship of this time has left the region relatively undeveloped and without access to necessary educational support and resources. We want to fundraise for this community, to provide educational tools for them.
  • Climbing Club

  • CHEF (Charitable, Healthy, and Exceptional Food)

    Mission Statement
    CHEF works to provide healthy and nourishing food to those in need. We will do this by inciting the passion that many LWHS Students have to cook and channeling it towards feeding those who are don’t have access to a kitchen or a regular food supply.
  • Computer Science Club

    Mission Statement
    We aim to create a space where a diverse community of students can learn, discuss, and practice computer science and programming.


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  • Dance Club

    Dance Club strives to foster an inclusive environment where those who are and are not in Lick's dance program can dance and have fun. We hope to integrate the different activities performed in a regular Lick dance class including choreographing, stretching and warming up, and dancing in front of a small audience. Overall, Dance Club wants to create a safe space that allows students to express themselves creatively through dance.


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  • Environmental Club

    Mission Statement
    Environmental Club seeks to engage and inform students on pressing environmental topics and take action on these issues within and outside of Lick.


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  • Female Instrumentalists Never Ending (F.I.N.E.)

    Mission Statement
    We aim to:
    1. Provide an empowering space where female-identifying instrumentalists of all experience levels can learn, play, and create music together. 
    2. Bring attention to the contributions that professional female instrumentalists have made in their industry.
    3. Give back to our communities (LWHS, San Francisco, etc.) through performance.
  • Fostering Activists for the Next Generation (FANG)

    Mission Statement
    We strive to be the bridge connecting students and adults in the LWHS community, allowing students to help shape not only student activism but also LWHS' relationship towards activism as an institution. Additionally, we strive to incorporate activism into the LWHS experience by including it in our education.
  • FPV Drone Racing Club

    Mission Statement
    Our mission is to make the sport of FPV racing and freestyling fun, affordable, popular, and safe for everybody.
  • Future Business Leaders of America

    Mission Statement
    The Future Business Leaders of America aims to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs. Our chapter at LWHS will encourage students to explore the business field and provide opportunities for resources needed to learn.


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  • Gardening Club

    Our mission is to educate students on the importance of sustainable agriculture using a hands-on and productive approach. This is more important now than ever, as 1% of all our fertile topsoil is lost every year due to unsustainable methods of agriculture. Using as few resources as possible, We aim to create more topsoil, food for those in need (we plan to donate any food grown to a local homeless shelter or soup kitchen), and spread information about the way we can change for the better. Instead of community norms, this club will follow the following ten principles (bearing in mind the rules laid down by the Lick-Wilmerding handbook): radical inclusion, gifting, decommodification, radical self-reliance, radical self-expression, communal effort, civic responsibility, leaving no trace, participation, and immediacy.
  • Gender Sexuality Awareness (GSA)

    Mission Statement
    To work with allies in order to make LWHS an inclusive and safe space for all LGBTQIA+ people, as well as educating people about LGBTQIA+ history, terminology, and culture. We will work with student leaders and administrators around the school to make LWHS the safest place it can be for people of all sexualities, gender identities, and gender expressions. We will plan events, work with other AM clubs, and provide education about LGBTQIA+ issues to the LWHS community.
  • Girls in Tech Club

    Mission Statement
    Our mission is to bring female identifying people together and our club strives to empower and inspire them to innovate, share wisdom, learn, and have a voice within the tech industry in the vast array of fields including coding, entrepreneurship, business planning, and more (PPP hours offered).
  • Global Pen Friends

    To some people a foreign country such as Zimbabwe does not having any specific meaning to them, we hope to create a unique environment that allows members of our club to form personal connections with students from different countries.
  • Gummy Club

    Gummy Club strives to create a fun and relaxed space for students to learn about, discuss, and eat gummies.


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  • Harry Potter Club

    Mission Statement
    Our goal is to provide a space for anyone interested in Harry Potter to come together and participate in discussions, analyzations, activities, and games of and related to the Harry Potter universe.
  • HeadSpace

    Through active and growing membership from the student body at LWHS, HeadSpace aims to make the Lick community more transparent through the lens of mental health. Creating a community that bonds its members through critical discussion regarding this aspect of our lives will serve to create important discourse between the community at large and the students at LWHS.


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  • Ice Sports Club

    Mission Statement
    We would like to teach ice sports such as figure skating, ice hockey, ice dance, and ice theater to the people in the LWHS community as well as allowing the LWHS community to experience the ice world outside of the LWHS community. We hope to act as a bridge to the ice skating community and allow anyone who would like to learn more or begin a new sport to feel included and able.


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  • Jewish Student Union (JSU)

    Mission Statement
    To celebrate Judaism with the next generation and welcome anyone to learning about the culture and religion.
  • Junior Entrepreneurship, Finance, and Economics

    The Business, Finance, and Economics Club strives to inspire and teach students important skills of money management and entrepreneurship that are brushed over in high school.
  • Junior State of America (JSA) Debate Club

    Mission Statement
    We give our peers the opportunity to think critically about current global and local political issues, through debates, discussions, and state-wide conventions run by JSA, a national student-run debate/model congress organization.


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  • Kaba Club

    Mission Statement
    KABA strives to promote unity and appreciation of the Filipino culture by bringing awareness and knowledge of various Filipino traditions and customs to the community.
  • Knitting Club

    Mission Statement
    Knitting Club aims to provide community members with an artistic environment in which they can relax and take a break from the stress of school, as well as learn a new skill. The space will be focused around knitting and learning how to knit, but no prior knowledge or skill is necessary. We think knitting is really fun and would like to share that with the community.
  • KIVA Club

    Mission Statement
    We aim to provide the LWHS student body with an opportunity to make a difference in others' lives by giving loans to underprivileged people starting new businesses. In this way, we hope that our members can learn a thing or two about business and investing along the way.


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  • Lyric Analysis Club

    The intention of lyric analysis club is to practice and refine the literary skills we learn in the classroom through a more fun and accessible medium of popular song lyrics. Moreover, we will be taking some of our club members to be volunteers for our Boys and Girls Club Lyric Analysis Program.
  • Latinx Unidos

    Mission Statement
    Latinx Unidos is a culturally focused club. It aims at building community amongst the Latinx students at Lick-Wilmerding High School as well as building bridges with students from other culturally focused clubs. Latinx Unidos strives to educate community members and celebrate the diverse Latinx culture.
  • LWOW (Lick-Wilmerding Organization of Women)

    Mission Statement
    We strive to create a safe, feminist space within the LWHS community that focuses on the experiences and needs of people who have identitfied with the female experience. We believe that providing meetings that emphasize POC (people of color) involvement will bring us closer to our goal of practicing true intersectional feminism. Meetings encompass informal discussions, event planning, feminist-friendly projects, and female encouragement and love.


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  • Math Club

    Mission Statement
    The mission of the Math Club is to foster a community around a common interest in mathematics. Club members will have opportunities to apply and improve math skills by participating in friendly math competitions and learn cool problem solving strategies that would not typically be learned in a traditional math class. Members will also be able to collaborate to solve interesting and challenging math problems accessible at all math levels. The Math Club members will learn about interesting careers in math related fields and engage in activities that promote the appreciation and pursuit of mathematics.
  • Mens A capella Group

    Our Mens A cappella Group harnesses a collective of men to create an environment where we can express themselves through music and discover the endless potential in our voices.
  • Minecraft Club

    We aim to create a fun and collaborative environment for people to unite over the best video game of all time.
  • Mural Club

    Mission Statement
    Mural Club strives to continue to make an offering to the community of LWHS (as well as the larger community), of student-created visual art in the form of murals.
  • The Muses

    Mission Statement
    The Muses is an all female a cappella group that promotes the arrangement and performance of multiple genres of music in a student-run environment for motivated singers. We hope to emphasize women in the musical industry through our performances, but also explore music by artists of all genders.


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  • National History Day Club

    Mission Statement
    Explore history through historical movies, documentaries, National History Day, food, fun, and more! The mission of the club is to encourage appreciation of history, understanding of how the past influences our present, and reflection on historical lessons so we can make wise decisions to shape our future world in a positive way.


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  • Ocean Bowl

    Mission Statement
    Ocean Bowl serves to foster an interest of the ocean among students. Students will engage by learning as many ocean facts as they can and then participating in a trivia competition located at CSUMB in early February which serves to test our knowledge of the topic.
  • Old Time String Band

    Mission Statement
    This club aims to introduce LWHS students to old time music and create community around making traditional music.


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  • Philosophy Club

    Mission Statement
    We want to explore and exercise new ways of thinking in the Lick-Wilmerding community through philosophical inquiry. A clever man once said that the only thing we require to be good philosophers is the faculty of wonder, for wisest are those who know they do not know. Philosophy is an overlooked subject in modern life but it’s still very important because it teaches the art of questioning and reasoning for its own sake.
  • Ping Pong Club

    Our goal is to bring the community of LWHS closer together through a game that everyone loves... ping pong!
  • Producer Club

    Mission Statement
    Producer Club strives to create a safe space for anyone to learn how to produce any genre of music no matter your skill level. We strive to create a welcoming community where everyone has fun, learns something, and challenges themselves no matter their background.


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  • Sandy Hook Promise

    Mission Statement
    Create a space where LWHS students of all backgrounds can come together to take action against gun violence and carry out Sandy Hook Promise's mission: "Prevent gun-related deaths due to crime, suicide, and accidental discharge so that no other parent experiences the senseless, horrific loss of their child".
  • Soccer Watching Club

    Our club will provide a space to watch important European soccer matches including Premier League, Champions League, and other games. Everyone interested in soccer is welcome to attend.
  • South Asian Middle Eastern Club (SAME)

    Mission Statement
    To provide South Asian/Middle Eastern students with an affinity space to discuss issues and connect with people who have a similar racial background as well as to help integrate South Asian/Middle Eastern culture into Lick's community by educating all students.
  • Sports Equipment Donation Club

    We aim to utilize our privilege as a means to assist those that have less than us and help them have the athletic experiences that many of us take for granted. We hope to do so through the collection and distribution of sports equipment through an organization called Leveling the Playing Field.
  • Surf Club

    Mission Statement
    Surf Club's purpose is to educate and engage students in marine conservation and ocean habitats, and of course the joy of surfing!
  • Survivors Club

    Our mission is to bring together people who have experienced sexual assault, abuse, trauma, and/or, rape and foster a community that supports and listens to each other. We want to give those who have had power taken away from them a voice and a designated space to express how they may feel, find empowerment, and better understand the effects of their trauma.

    SWEAT Club aims to provide a safe space for students of all identifiers to participate in physical activity. This club will be inclusive of all students, and will offer the opportunity for students to work out who May by want to commit time to a sports team, or who are in the offseason but still want to work out.


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  • Travel, Humanities, and Environment Club

    To bring together students who share an interest in travel, humanities, and the environment, and to learn about and gain an appreciation for different cultures, values, and lifestyles.


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  • The Waves

    Mission Statement
    The Waves is an all gender acapella group that provides a space where students can explore their passion for singing alongside their peers. We also strive to create a community within the group that fosters friendship and a lifelong passion for music and performance. Our group also works hard to bring people joy through our singing.
  • Water Conservation Alliance Club (WCA)

    The Water Conservation Alliance (WCA) aims to help the LWHS community decrease its water footprint through:

    1. Educational initiatives such as workshops and community presentations that increase water literacy in the LWHS community. Installations of signage near water, beverage, and food sources that remind community members of the hidden water costs of everyday consumables.

    2. By working in collaboration with the Caf, we can decrease water use while also saving money by reminding community members to limit consumption of water-intensive / expensive foods like red meat.

    3. Community engagement that leverages friendly “water footprint” competitions held between groups such as grade levels, students vs. faculty/staff, or sports teams.
  • We Eat Lunch

    We Eat Lunch will provide a welcoming space e for all interested in learning about and discussing body image and eating disorders, and will examine howb these issues appear in both the media and our own lives. WEL hopes to create a community of people that are well informed and open to discuss said topics, as well as a community that is supportive and makes all members feel comfortable; we will also work to bring these issues to the forefront of our communities.
  • What is Faith and Spirituality (WISF)

    A space to listen, learn, express, and feel free to discuss your emotions and thoughts about both the general idea and your own spirituality and faith.

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