Advising Mission and Program

The central purpose of the Lick-Wilmerding High School advising program is to ensure that every student is known, understood, and supported throughout their four years of high school. The advising program integrates three key strands—Community Building, Academic and Personal Mentoring, and Identity Development—and takes place in bi-monthly advising group sessions, grade-level class meetings, and advisor-advisee one-on-one coaching conferences.

The once-a-rotation advising sessions vary in curricular focus—emphasis is placed on discussing issues relevant to each grade/developmental level and is interspersed with sessions dedicated to community building, fun and play, and even off-campus advising outings.

Advisors serve as a first point of contact between a student. Family and the school and are informed and included in issues involving their advisee. In collaboration with grade-level deans, our student support services team (SSS), and faculty, advisors provide or connect students with the resources they need to be supported and successful at LWHS.

Advisors also support LWHS’ commitment to building a welcoming, inclusive and empathic community by helping students develop a growing awareness of and practice of our school-wide community norms.

To fulfill this mission, advisors will:

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  • Advising Group

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  • Advisees and Families

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To fulfill this mission, advisees will:

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  • Advisees

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Typical Advising Group Time

Fridays (with a few exceptions):
11:10-11:15am: Check-in & Food
11:15-11:45am: Discussion or Activity (or one on one conferences)
11:45-11:50am: Check-Out

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