Parents of Alumni

The Lick-Wilmerding Parents of Alumni (PALs) Association helps parents of LWHS alumni continue friendships that were made when their children were students and they were involved in community activities. PALs play a role in a wide variety of school happenings. The PALs Association, headed by an executive board, hosts a variety of social and educational events for PALs throughout the year. PALs are also enthusiastic volunteers for the Parents Association fundraisers and participate in the Annual Fund Phonathon.

Recurring and Recent Events

Each November, the PALs Association hosts a reunion party at the Head of School’s home.

In March each year, the PALs attend the Opening Night performance of the spring play. They begin the evening with a light supper and then attend the student production.

If you have any questions or would like to help out, please email or call 415.704.5591.

PALs Executive Board

Stuart Oppenheim (’95, ’99, ’05), President
Marge Casey (’86, ’87, ’90)
Sylvia Chow (’01)
Mary Ann Faris (’92)
Anne Farrow (’90, ’92)
Cheri Goldberg (’90, ’94)
Ellen Hornstein (’98, ’00)
Alison Kubick (’05)
Rosemary Leach (’95)
M.J. McKleroy (’98, ’01, ’03)
Kathleen Murray and Arthur Perkins (’94)
Deborah Oppenheim (’95, ’99, ’05)
Joan Parmer (’01, ’04)
Bill Post (’95, ’02)
Betty Sun Wong (’02, ’06)
Barbara VanderBorght (’00)
Helaine Weinstein (’97)
Bonnie Willdorf (’91, ’95, ’98)

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