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Find support, tools, and inspiration to create a better world within ourselves and with each other.

The Counseling Department is here to offer nonjudgmental support in negotiating the varied aspects of teen life and student experience here at LWHS. The counselors are faculty members with time dedicated for students to utilize for supportive conversation, problem solving, and help with coping skills. All students can speak with the LWHS counselors at their own request. Students may also be referred by a parent or guardian, teacher or administrator.

Support for LWHS Community

The counselors are available to help students and families figure out whether or not they need or want therapy, as well as what kind of therapy might be a good fit. The department prioritizes maintaining a robust network in order to help students and families find a therapist, agency, or program to more fully meet their needs.

It is assumed that all LWHS students have parental consent to meet with the counselors.  The content of counseling sessions with an LWHS school counselor(s) is legally protected by the right to confidentiality, except as allowed or required by law. Exceptions to confidentiality required by law include disclosure or reasonable suspicion of 1) abuse of a minor or dependent elder 2) risk or plan to harm oneself or 3) risk or plan to harm others.

While the counselors are trained as therapists, LWHS does not offer ongoing psychotherapy on campus or virtually. This means the counselors will not diagnose or offer ongoing treatment for any specific mental health disorders. Meeting with a counselor is not intended to be a substitute for psychotherapy with a licensed mental health practitioner.

Office Hours

The Counseling Offices are open every day during school hours.


Yuka Hachiuma—H307B

Alba Castaneda—H307C


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Alba Castaneda

Alba Castaneda

School Counselor
Yuka Hachiuma

Yuka Hachiuma