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The Theatre Program is accessible to students from all walks of life and welcomes any student interested in participating in our course offerings and After-School Theatre Program. Students set goals for themselves as artists and as people, learning the power of imagination, communication, reflection, community, and cultural representation.

I'd never acted before.... One thing that really surprised me was how amazing the Lick community is in welcoming me into the theater program and how the upperclassmen really helped me feel at home on stage with them.... and have the time of your life on stage.

Saahil '25

2023–24 Theatre Season


The Performing Arts department educates students in the craft, theory, and philosophy of the performing arts for the purpose of promoting personal and societal transformation. We provide students with an artistic platform in which they have the support to create, engage, and explore. We foster students’ individuality, creativity, empathy, human connection, and discipline. The department empowers students to develop their personal aesthetic, as well as reflect on their role as it extends beyond the classroom.

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