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Device Requirements

All students are required to bring their own laptop—in working condition and fully charged—to school every day. 

Students will be provided campus-specific and course-specific software to install on their laptops; due to the minimum requirements for the software, the following laptops and/or devices are not acceptable for in-class use on campus:
  • Linux-based laptops/devices;
  • ChromeOS-based laptops/devices (Chromebooks);
  • Tablet-based devices (iPad or Android); or
  • Smartphone devices (iPhone or Android)
  • Windows laptops with limited or unlicensed operating systems (Windows "S Mode", Not-For-Resale versions of Windows, etc.)
Acceptable devices include:
  • Apple macOS-based laptops; or
  • Microsoft Windows-based laptops from any vendor
Hardware—For Mac:
  • Please check out our LWHS Apple for Education website for education discounts on Apple products.
  • Apple system suggestions: MacBook Air 13"MacBook Pro 13"
  • Intel Core i5* or Apple M1
  • 8GB RAM
  • Wifi capable
  • 256 GB hard drive (or SSD) capacity
  • Operating System: MacOS 11 (Big Sur) or greater
    NOTE: please plan to upgrade your macOS Operating System to the recommended version prior to the first day of the School Year to avoid issues with installing required software.
* Older macOS-based systems which use the Intel processor are supported as long as the recommended Operating System version can be installed on the system; we anticipate that Apple and macOS software publishers will continue to support Intel-based Mac systems for at least the anticipated lifespan of the system.

Hardware—For PC:


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BYOD is about offering choice to members of the LWHS community. BYOD respects the personal preferences of students, offering them increased mobility and better integration of their home and school lives. It also enables them the flexibility to work in a way that optimizes their productivity.
All LWHS students, parents, faculty and community members must be familiar with the Technology Acceptable Use Policy, and must abide by it when using LWHS technological resources and infrastructure both on and off campus.

Skill Expectations for Incoming Freshmen

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  • 1. Basic knowledge using a productivity suite

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  • 2. Computer literacy/skills

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  • 3. Responsible Use of Technology

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