Process Launches, January 2019

Dear LWHS Community,

Developing a strategic plan every five years is an important undertaking for a school and helps to focus and prioritize its resources. Strategic planning is a deliberative effort that includes identifying strengths and issues, as well as reaffirming values, envisioning an even better future, and then working toward it.

The past strategic plan led to a range of changes in the school—some one time events, such as developing and constructing the new building, and some ongoing, such as implementation of the Habits of Mind.

While LWHS continues to work on the goals from the prior plan, the world and the school are in continual motion. When the board of trustees begins a strategic planning process, we start from the “outside” in—looking at changes in the economy, local population, social trends, politics, and their influence on LWHS now and in the future. Then we analyze a range of data gathered from the community and outside sources, such as:

  • Parents from the Perception and Satisfaction Surveys administered every other year
  • Students from the Student Experience Surveys administered every year
  • The CAIS/WASC self study and report from the school’s accreditation process
  • The AIM survey results (Assessment of Inclusivity and Multiculturalism

In addition to the plethora of data available to the strategic planning committee, the committee will gather additional input and feedback from the school community over the coming year. Please consider attending the first event, the State of the School this coming Wednesday, January 16 from 6–8pm with refreshments at 5:30 hosted by the Parents Association in rooms H201 and H203.  This meeting offers the opportunity to provide input in small groups on the issues that the strategic plan will likely address. Everyone is welcome. Please 
register here to attend.

You can see a preliminary timeline for engaging with the major constituents of LWHS on this page. This is what we know so far, and there are more feedback opportunities to be planned. The committee expects to have a fully developed draft by the end of the school year.

Please contact Tricia Stone, Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee, with any questions at


Wally MacDermid ’87, President of Board of Trustees, Parent, and PAL
Tricia Stone, Vice-President of the Board of Trustees, Chair of Strategic Planning Committee, and PAL
Eric Temple, Head of School

Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee is made up of 13 trustees, administrators, and teachers who will lead the school in a yearlong process to develop the next strategic plan. They were chosen because of their backgrounds, work experience, subject matter expertise, and interest in the process.

  1. Randy Barnett, Assistant Head of School, History Faculty
  2. Nancy Kehoe, Director of Development
  3. Oscar King, Junior/Senior Dean, Math Faculty
  4. Eric Temple, Head of School
  5. Tamisha Williams, Dean of Adult Equity and Inclusion
  1. Jack Chin, Parent
  2. Kim Drew, Parent and PAL
  3. Alicia Fenrick, Parent
  4. Lucinda Lee Katz, Former Head of Marin Country Day School
  5. Wally MacDermid, Class of ’87, Parent, and PAL
  6. Will Madison, Class of ’01, Trustee, and Chair of Endowment Committee
  7. Sima Misra, PAL, Trustee, and Chair of Governance Committee
  8. Tricia Stone, PAL, and Chair of Strategic Planning Committee

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