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Weave a Vibrant Learning Community:
Strategic Directions 2020–2025

A Strategic Planning Committee has spent the last year listening to the Lick-Wilmerding High School community to identify the school’s priorities for the next five years
. The committee relied heavily on the findings from our recent accreditation self study and as well as on data about the educational landscape of the San Francisco Bay Area and the United States.

Common themes emerged, in particular, offering holistic support to our entire community and preparing students to successfully navigate an increasingly complex society. We are pleased to present to you
Weave a Vibrant Learning Community: Strategic Directions 2020-2025.

At the center of this plan is the theme of weaving—the meshing of the LWHS community for the benefit of each person, the whole community, and our society. Educating in the current political and social climate is one of the greatest challenges faced by schools today. The concept of building a nation of weavers to help foster a more just world is critical in these difficult times. Our goal is to teach and inspire students to build communities marked by inclusion and belonging.

These threads, when woven together, support a school that is resilient, compassionate, innovative, and fosters the next generation of weavers.

We look forward to partnering with you as we Weave a Vibrant Learning Community.


1. Educate for Life. LWHS educates for life. We nurture the healthy development of the whole person and inspire both students and adults to become weavers—those who actively build communities.

2. Nurture our Dynamic Community. LWHS is well positioned to attract a talented pool of students and faculty from all backgrounds to join our unique educational community. 

3. Deepen our Foundation—the LWHS Faculty and Staff. Skilled, knowledgeable, compassionate, and motivated educators are at the heart of the LWHS experience. 

See the full booklet to learn more about the strategic plan.
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As LWHS celebrates its 125th year, this next chapter of the school builds on recent accomplishments and enduring strengths, including:"</a

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