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The LWHS Board of Trustees (BOT) reflects the school's diverse community and draws its expertise from many areas. The hard-working body includes members from the fields of education, law, finance, and the service professions. The board is comprised of current parents, parents of alumni, alumni of LWHS, and community members. Trustees serve on various working committees (see below) that focus on strategic initiatives for the long-term health of the school including finance, investment, strategic planning, and governance.

The volunteer BOT holds the school “in trust” for future generations, and as in most independent schools, is the highest-level decision-making authority. The BOT does not intervene in the daily affairs of the school, such as curriculum development, admissions, or personnel.

Instead, the BOT focuses on three areas critical to the success of any independent school:
  1. It selects, evaluates and supports the Head of School, to whom it delegates authority to manage the school; 
  2. It develops broad institutional policies that guide the Head in running the school; and 
  3. It is accountable for the financial well-being of the school.

In the conduct of its official business, the BOT acts only as a whole; individual Trustees, including the Board President, have no authority to act unless specifically authorized to do so by the BOT acting as a whole.

Trustees are asked to serve two three-year terms and serve on two committees. The Governance Committee continually identifies and evaluates Trustee candidates from the parent, alumni, and wider communities using a matrix of skills and experience currently required by the BOT, to ensure diversity of experience, perspective, and skills. Members of the Governance Committee meet with candidates and speak with those who know them to determine their strengths, experience serving on previous BOTs, alignment with the mission, and interest in sharing their time, talent, and treasure. The committee makes recommendations of highly qualified candidates to the BOT, which elects trustees each May for the following school year. The full board meets six times a year (on Tuesdays at 5pm) plus a full-day retreat, all posted on the public school calendar. Minutes for each meeting are available in the Head of School’s office. Trustees are also expected to attend Board Visiting Day, THE Event, and other major events at the school, to better serve as ambassadors for the school.

Advisory members of Board committees are non-trustees who are invited to serve on LWHS Board committees such as Development, Endowment, and Campus Stewardship to provide needed expertise and historical perspective to the activities of the BOT. Identification of advisory members with needed expertise or other qualifications usually come from conversations with Admissions, Development, Finance and/or Head of School, or emeritus trustees expressing a willingness to serve. Advisory members are voting members of committees and are asked to serve a three year term and sign a standard Conflict of Interest disclosure form.

If community members have any questions or comments about the BOT, or are interested in nominating someone to the BOT, they are encouraged to contact Interim Head of School Katie Titus or Board President Kim DrewAdditionally, as a school that prides itself in working in ways that are consistent with best practices, if at any time you believe there is known or alleged misconduct, please follow the procedures outlined in the school’s Whistleblower Policy.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee assists the Board of Trustees in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities.
  • It makes recommendations to the Board concerning the hiring, retention, and termination of an independent auditor, negotiates compensation of the auditor and conducts a review of LWHS’ annual audit and form 990. It determines whether or not to accept the audit and provides an avenue of communication among the school’s independent auditors, Administration, and the Board. (Meets twice a year)
     Committee Chair: Sunny Ryan

Campus Stewardship Committee

The Campus Stewardship Committee advises on the sustainable maintenance of the site to support program.
  • Campus Stewardship reviews campus physical plant, capital improvements and planning issues in support of the Chief Financial Officer; and advises on off-campus real property assets in coordination with the Endowment and Finance Committees. (Meets four times per year, more frequently if necessary)
     Committee Chair: Jeff King

Development Committee

The Development Committee is responsible for the strategic direction and implementation of the School’s development efforts, and working with the Director of Development and Development staff to support the program. It is also the role of the committee to keep the Trustee’s ongoing development responsibility in mind.
  • The Development Committee assists in the establishment of all development policies and operating plans, and works with the development office to create short and long-term goals. In addition, members of the Development Committee help connect with, cultivate, and solicit prospective donors. (Meets four times per year, more frequently if necessary)
     Committee Chair: Chris Warden

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Committee

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee works to educate the Board of Trustees and to ensure that the Board and its committees adopt best practices around diversity, equity and inclusion. The Committee is charged with benchmarking the school’s DEI efforts and partnering with the Head of School to fully realize the DEI goals of the Strategic Plan.
  • The Committee provides best practices guidelines for committee chairs.
  • The Committee creates and maintains a DEI dashboard to provide data to the Head of School and Board of Trustees around the effectiveness of the school’s DEI related programs. 
  • The Committee meets at least six times per year.
Committee Co-Chairs: Lina Garcia & Julie Mikuta

Investment Committee

The Board of Trustees has the final responsibility for the stewardship of the endowment and approval of the Investment Policy Statement (IPS).
  • The Investment Committee supervises and monitors the Endowment in accordance with the guidelines outlined in the LWHS IPS. Activities include making recommendations to the full Board as regards to needed changes in the IPS, including the Distribution Policy, the Asset Allocation Policy and the selection of investment managers. In addition, the committee reviews the endowment balance, investment strategy, and performance. (Meets two to four times yearly)
     Committee Chair: Charlie Wyman

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the President, Vice President, and Secretary of the BOT and the Finance, Governance, and Development Committee Chairs.
  • The Executive Committee coordinates the work of the Board, serves as a sounding board for the Head and the Board President, and makes recommendations to the full Board on important issues. Tasks include creating Board meeting agendas and annual Board goals. (Meets prior to each Board meeting and as needed.)
     Committee Chair: Kim Drew

Finance Committee

The Board of Trustees has primary responsibility for the long-term fiscal health of the school.
  • The Finance Committee provides prudent oversight of the financial operations of the school, to review the fiscal impact of proposed new Board initiatives, and to make recommendations to the Board on financial decisions. The committee oversees the annual budget planning process and insurance coverage, and periodically reviews the teacher homebuyer assistance and flexible tuition program. (Meets six times per year and more frequently if necessary)
     Committee Chair: Anne Paxton

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee ensures that the Board of Trustees provides effective governance for the school. The Committee:
  • Identifies, cultivates, recruits, recommends for election and orients new Trustees
  • Designs programs for Trustee nurturing and bonding, including mentoring program
  • Re-nominates current Trustees to additional terms
  • Nominates Board officers
  • Is responsible for succession for the Board President and Committee Chairs
  • Identifies Board’s need for education and designs vehicles to meet those needs
  • Organizes recognition of individual trustees
  • Ensures currency and accuracy of bylaws and other Board policies
  • Monitors and manages issues relating to Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Considers policies and activities with respect to Emeritus Trustees
  • Facilitates Board self-assessment and Head of School evaluation
  • Monitors the overall health of the Board and Board relationships (Meets nearly every month)
     Committee Chair: Lydia Alexander

Current Trustees

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LWHS Board Members 2022–23

Board President, Parent, PAL

Interim Head of School

Lydia Alexander

Yakuh Askew ‘92

Jack Chin

Andrea Evans

Alicia Fenrick

Elena Garcia
Parent, PAL

Larry Kane

Jeff King

Shabnam Koirala Azad

Melissa Ma

Miranda Martin

Julie Mikuta

Anupam Mishra

David Mitchell ’91
Alumnus, Alumni Board President

Laura Miyashita

Eric Niles
Friend of LWHS

Anne Paxton

Yvonne Perez-Sallaberry
Parent, PA President

Venk Reddy

Sunny Ryan
Adult Committee Chair

Staci Slaughter
Parent, PAL

Mika Varma

Christine Warden

Jenny Wilson ’97

Charlie Wyman

Cameron Yuen-Shore '05

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