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The school’s values are expressed in a way that builds a more inclusive community. 

Newsletter Submissions

Do you want to share an announcement with the community?

Please log in, and fill out the eTiger newsletter form on the Resource Board. (Login > Resources > Newsletter Form) Also, please send a JPG to to help your announcement stand out.

Don't have a login? Please contact School Receptionist Molly French.

eTiger Newsletter FAQ

List of 8 frequently asked questions.

  • Q When's the deadline for submissions?

    Submissions for the Sunday edition are due every Tuesday by 5pm preceding publishing.  
  • Q How many times may I have my announcement published?

    All announcements may be submitted once and will run in the In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) until the date for the event has passed, or 3 weeks if it is not an event.
  • Q Who receives the newsletter?

    The eTiger is sent to LWHS students, parents/guardians of LWHS students, faculty, staff, and trustees.
  • Q What's in the newsletters?

    The newsletter is the go-to place to find out what’s happening at LWHS for the upcoming week. Whether it’s schedule changes, important academic information from the deans, grade specific action items, invitations to events, volunteer opportunities, or more, the eTiger is a must read. Also, please use it to get your message out.

    Unfortunately we cannot promote businesses or services via the eTiger. There is no way to purchase advertising in either the eTiger nor the yearbook. 
  • Q When is the newsletter published?

    It is published every Sun at 5pm and delivered to your inbox. Additionally, all announcements are on the homepage news of the school website, the recent activity page (Login > News > Recent Activity), as well as the archived content (Login > News > Archived Content > News).
  • Q What kind of announcements may I submit?

    Including but not limited to:
    • Events, such as:
      • dances
      • guest speakers
      • a movie your club is showing
      • and everything in between.
    • Volunteer opportunities
    • Call for submissions
    • Fundraisers
    • Athletic games
    • Surveys for the LWHS community
    • Highlights of a project you're working on
    • Student made videos
    • Website links
    • etc. 
    Utilize the newsletter to broadcast a range of activities. If you have further questions, please contact Director of Communications & Media Adrianna Delgadillo.
  • Q Who may submit announcements for the newsletter?

    Only students, parents, facstaff, and alumni may have announcements in the eTigerIf you are with an outside organization and are not directly affiliated with LWHS, we cannot accept your submission. However, if a current community member is involved in your organization or LWHS is partnering with you in some capacity, please have your LWHS contact submit the form for you.
  • Q May I see past issues?

    An archive of past issues can be read here.

Submit a correction or update to the website

We need your help to keep the website up-to-date. If you see anything out of order, please refer to these common issues and the corresponding contact person. 
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    • Emergency contact info
  • Any other login issues or changing your profile—please email


List of 2 members.

  • Photo of Adrianna Delgadillo

    Adrianna Delgadillo 

    Director of Communications & Media
  • Photo of Gabriel Gonzalez

    Gabriel Gonzalez 

    Communications Associate


The Communications office is located on 29 Howth St in the Business Office.

Services Available to the LWHS Community

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LWHS is a very busy place, and we pride ourselves on our ability to keep our community connected.

Visual Style Guide

School Colors


Web use

Print use
R: 0
G: 0
B: 0
C: 75
M: 68
Y: 67
K: 90
PMS Black U

Web use

Print use
R: 228
G: 160
B: 57
C: 10
M: 40
Y: 90
K: 0
PMS 124

Cornflower Blue

Web use

Print use
R: 96
G: 133
B: 195
C: 65
M: 43
Y: 0
K: 0
PMS 2718



Web use

Print use
R: 104
G: 104
B: 104
C: 0
M: 0
Y: 0
K: .59
PMS Black
at %25 tint

Dark Cyan

Web use

Print use
R: 98
G: 156
B: 162
C: 64
M: 25
Y: 34
K: 1
PMS DS 245-6 C

Identifont - Gotham
a serif font
for Body text
Identifont - Helvetica
a sans serif font
for Headers, section titles, and accent text

Goudy Old Style 
a serif font
for Body text


Banner & Emblem
—Questions about logos?—
 Please contact the Communications Director. 

Written Style Guide

We strive for consistency when we write about Lick-Wilmerding High School. 

How to refer to Lick-Wilmerding High School
  • Primary reference: Lick-Wilmerding High School
  • Secondary reference: LWHS
  • “Lick” is only used in informal communication within the actual Lick-Wilmerding High School community
  • The possessive of LWHS is LWHS'

  • First reference: Include employment title and educational title, where appropriate, e.g. Science Teacher Dr. Colleen Nyeggen
  • Second reference: Educational title, or Mr. or Ms., where appropriate, and last name
  • Educational Departments: Every department should be capitalized, e.g. English, Math, Body and Mind Education

Pronouns in reference to the school
  • In formal writing, LWHS should always be referred to in the third-person
  • When referring to the Lick-Wilmerding High School Community, we will not use “we” and “our,” but “it” and "the school"

Seasons and semesters
  • Seasons are uncapitalized, e.g. fall sports, in the fall, spring semester

Serial Comma
  • We use the serial comma, e.g. "He is taking classes in Math, Science, and Spanish this year."

Spaces after periods
  • One space after each period

Publication titles
  • All publication titles should be italicized

  • 0–9 spell out, use numeral for 10 or more with the exception of a number starting a sentence
  • EXCEPTIONS: Ranges (7–10 pages) measurements (2” steel beam) common expressions that use the digit (2- and 3-D drawing)
  • EXTENSIONS: Includes ordinals, e.g. second grade, not 2nd.

  • Spell out the word “percent” instead of using the symbol, except if a percentage sign is included in a table 

  • Single words separated by slashes have no spaces, e.g. form/function, NOT form/ function

Lick-Wilmerding High School

755 Ocean Avenue | San Francisco, CA 94112 | 415.333.4021
A private school with public purpose, Lick-Wilmerding High School develops the head, heart, and hands of highly motivated students from all walks of life, inspiring them to become lifelong learners who contribute to the world with confidence and compassion.