Bulk Upload Photos/Videos

Send photos and videos to LWHS through this page.


  1. Click on the Add File button (below left) to upload photos and/or videos. If you don't see the button, more instructions are under technical difficulties.

  2. When you're done, email Communications Director Eleanor Sananman or Web Editor Ryan Fernando. Please include:
    • What event they're from
    • How many images you uploaded

Upload Here


  • Upload as many high res photos as you like. The system can take very large files.
  • You will only see a small thumbnail of the uploaded images but we will have the original sizes.
  • You must email Eleanor or Ryan, otherwise we don't know what the photos are. We want to give you proper credit!

Technical Difficulties?

Google Chrome users, if this page is not loading correctly, click the "shield" icon in the far right of your navigation bar to load scripts. Still having trouble? Contact Web Editor Ryan Fernando.

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