Inclusive Community

LWHS builds a community that embraces the experiences of students from all backgrounds.

Student Fundraisers

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  • Black Student Union Soul Food Sale, February 26

    On Friday, February 26 Black Student Union will be selling soul food to kick off Black History Month and raise money for various club sponsored activities.
  • Love Buds Sale, February 10–12

    From Wednesday, February 10 through Friday, February 12, Community Action Club will be selling love buds (packages containing a flower, candy, and a note) in the foyer. Proceeds will go towards an international aid organization.
  • Africlub Fundraiser, January 26

    On Tuesday, January 26 Africlub will hold a bake sale to raise money for student test fees in Tanzania, as well as medical supplies.
  • Climbing Club Bake Sale, January 21

    On Thursday, January 21 Climbing Club will be selling baked goods in the foyer to raise money for new climbing shoes.

Family Events

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  • Asian American Family Picnic

    ASIA Club works with the Center for Civic Engagement to provide an annual picnic for Asian-American families in the LWHS community. Incoming and returning families are invited to relax at the park while enjoying delicious food.
  • Bienvenidos

    Bienvenidos is an annual event for Latino families in the LWHS community. Every August, right before school starts, current and new families gather for a picnic at a nearby public park. Families enjoy carne asada, agua fresca, and many other homemade dishes.
  • Black Student Union

    The LWHS Black Student Union hosts their annual family picnic every August to bring in the school year and welcome new families. BSU's mission is to promote social and cultural awareness and foster relationships amongst the Black community at LWHS.
  • Geo-Based Family Gatherings

    Students and their families get together to meet other families within the LWHS community who share geographical, cultural, and other like-minded interests.
  • LGBTQ+ Family Gathering

    The LGBTQ+ family gathering serves as a wonderful opportunity to welcome and connect LGBTQ+ parents and/or students. Hosted by an LWHS family, this gathering happens every fall at the start of the school year.

Student Leadership Opportunities

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  • The Pact and RISE

    The Pact (boys) and RISE (girls) are programs designed to offer leadership opportunities for students of color at LWHS. These leaders serve as mentors for younger students in San Francisco independent schools, and also help build a supportive and enriching community at LWHS. Several times a month students from LWHS meet with their younger mentees from San Francisco Day School and Live Oak to share a meal, visit a museum, or hang out.
  • Student Leadership Training

    All LWHS student leaders are required to attend the Student Leadership Training in August. Student Leaders include AM student club leaders, frosh orientation Leaders, peer connect mentors, peer counselors, and the student council executive board. This past year's training covered a wide variety of topics and speakers including: 
    • Building Listening Skills: A Peer Counseling Approach led by Maurine Poppers
    • The Values of Service led by Alan Wesson
    • Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That: Thinking About Time, Difficulty and Value led by Marley Pierce
    • Are You an Architect, Driver, Relationship Master or Motivator: Discovering Your Leadership Style led by Christine Godinez 
    • Leadership: Practicing Privilege led by Alison Park
    • Cultural Resilience: How to Assess Your Own Brilliance led by Dr. Juan Carlos Arauz

Schoolwide Conference

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  • Walk with a Purpose

    Walk with a Purpose was created out of the need to address social inequities that exist in our world today. The overarching goal of the program is to develop a larger awareness of diversity in all its forms and to introduce the cycle of oppression as a way to think about how oppression can affect us all. Guest speakers this past year included Director of Programs at the San Francisco LGBT Community Center Ruth McFarlane and local Raptivist Aisha Fukushima.
    Every year, LWHS sends a group of students to the NAIS Student Diversity Leadership Conference (SDLC) and the White Privilege Conference (WPC). Upon returning from these conferences, students are required to spend the following year designing the Walk with a Purpose Program. This past year, a group of students met regularly for over 8 months to research and write curriculum on religion and microaggressions. They were responsible for planning all activities and ultimately facilitated the curriculum to freshmen and sophomores during Walk with a Purpose. Concurrently, every year juniors and seniors are placed in faculty and staff led workshops based on their preferences. Learn more about this past year's workshops.
The Peer Connect Mentoring Program is designed to help ease the transition to LWHS by pairing incoming freshman with juniors and seniors who act as mentors throughout the year. These supportive relationships will empower and enlighten incoming students and launch their successful journey at the school. Many activities will be offered throughout the school year to enhance the mentor/mentee relationship.

Peer Connect Events

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  • Feb

    Peer Connect Valentine's Social

  • Mar

    Peer Connect Social

  • May

    Peer Connect End of Year Celebration

Student Council

StuCo serves as the governing body for students at LWHS. There are 6 executive offices: Co-Presidents, Co-Vice Presidents, Inclusion Chairs, Community Networkers, Secretary, and Treasurer. There are also three representatives for each grade. In addition to schoolwide leadership, LWHS aims to teach students involved in student council about the basic tenants of civil discourse and democratic, representative decision-making. For more information reach out to the Student Council Executive Board.

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